Handmade Jewelry

If you don't want them tangled then remember to keep them hanging up, whether they're tagua necklaces or bracelets. A cute way to do this is take a small clothing hanger and fasten felt around it. You can then grip your necklaces and bracelets around it. After you do that, take a hook that can be screwed into the wall and put it into the wall next to your mirror. Now all your tagua necklaces and bracelets will certainly be neat, coordinated and quickly available. Make sure that you do not stuff too many necklaces on. The secret right here is to space them out and just place on as many will fit. If need be you can use a larger clothing hanger or make use of two clothes hangers and install them on opposite sides of your mirror. Tangled tagua lockets and busted tagua bracelets will certainly be a distant memory.