Gothic Bohemian Renaissance Jewelry

  • Ape
    103 months ago »

    From the Three Rexes "Eros Collection" - FAIRY TALE custom heart choker necklace with fancy chainmaille weave. I specifically designed this studded choker/necklace for the "QUEEN OF HEARTS" from Lewis Carroll's "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" (I was totally inspired when I visited OXFORD, the place where this story was created & where both Lewis & Alice lived) - If you are attracted to this necklace, I'm pretty sure you are a fan of this timeless story too!!! This Gothic heart pendant is fully "ARTICULATED" made from 3 separate parts, including the hanging heart arrow with BLUE TOPAZ stone embedded (it will dangle & sway with your every movement). Worn as a choker, the chain eloquently hangs down the back of your neck, while the crown charm feature lightly sparkles & dangles from behind. Wear this with your hair up for a STUNNING LOOK!