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Stine Gam (1975) and Enrico Fratesi (1978) met while studying architecture in Italy. As GAMplusFRATESI they have achieved major success by winning both Danish and international design competitions in the past year. "Just like at grandmother’s home – all her best furniture is always covered in plastic so it doesn’t get dirty." The inspiration for this model emerged during a lunch in the home of Enrico Fratesi’s Italian grandmother Luisa. "What is fantastic about having lunch at Luisa’s home is the idea that under the flowered table cloth, which is protected by a solid transparent plastic cover, three other layers of wax, foam and felt cloth are hiding – in total five layers protect this mysterious table, which no one has ever seen." A new element for the home – a little piece of furniture with great personality.
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    This U-shaped magazine rack can also be used by putting the two parts together. The half-circle handle is not only visually unique, but also functional without unbalancing the design.

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    Invented by Australian designer William Rhodes. The echelon stackable wine rack is an elegant solution to bottle storage. The award-winning design is a modular system allowing the creation of a wine rack to your space. The S-shaped modules are made from extruded aluminum and finished with a natural satin anodizing. This six-bottle rack can stand alone or form the nucleus of a multi-storage system. Additional modules can stack vertically and nestle side by side. Accepts all bottles including champagne up to 92mm diameter.

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    It was originally designed in marble with its name "Paros" by Enzo Mari in 1964 and had been sold by DANESE. In 2002 Aura, Incorporated has re-produced it as "ISOLA GRECA"in laminated bamboo. "ISOLA GRECA"as a limited edition (50 pieces) will be signed and numbered from 1/50 - 50/50 by Enzo Mari in his original handwriting.

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    ANDERS NØRGAARD DESIGNED THE STAINLESS STEEL TRIVET FOR ROSENDAHL, DENMARK, 2002. The Rosendahl stainless steel trivet is a pure classic. Simple yet effective design combined with good looks - a superb addition to any table and highly functional too. The trivet holds hot dishes above table height and with only a small area of the trivet touching the hot dishes, the trivet never gets hot. The trivet is highly functional allowing easy handling of the hot dishes. With the smallest of rubber feet underneath there are never any scratches left on the tabletop.