Goldstriker Diamond Edition Chess Set

Mizuki Diamond Feather Necklace: Whimsical and modern, the feather takes on an elegant and sophisticated look when it is sparkling with tiny diamonds (.26cttw). The almost 2" pendant hangs from the center of a 19" long 14K white gold whteat chain.
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    The Goldstriker Diamond Edition Chess Set is fit for the classy players on planet. In order to form black and white squares, Goldstriker made use of black and white diamonds. The set features pieces weighing 1,168 grams of 14k gold and 187 grams of silver plus an overwhelming 9,900 precious stones. The black and white diamonds weighing 186.98 carats justifies its demanding price of $100,000. I think this is a perfect must-practice activity to add charm to your ongoing party, giving you an opportunity to invite all your richy-rich acquaintances and flaunt your possessions.