Gnome Be Gone

Don't like garden gnomes? Well, now you can rid your garden of those pesky gnomes with an original Gnomebegone! (That’s Gnome-Be-Gone for the punctuator in you). Freak out your neighbors with this Cooler Than Cool set of two metal sculptures that are hand made by an artist in Utah. Comes with two metal monsters, and a ceramic gnome. The gnome varies in color and exact design, but what do you care! You're just happy to be rid of that gnome, right? Each Gnome B Gone is an individually made work of art, signed by the artist with a welding torch. The gnome isn't attached, so you could make the monsters carry away something else that fits, if you prefer. Approximate dimensions: 15 inches long, 8 inches wide, 17 inches high (to the top of the gnome).