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Glowing for 6-8 hours at a time, the rechargeable Aduki Ni is the perfect home accessory for the raver searching for the simpler life.
  • 116 months ago Gizmodo »

    Russian design-meister Art Lebedev has got something to do with this audio system, which consists of a high-end CD player sitting atop a triangular, uber-minimalist amplifier. More pics, including one of the classiest remotes I've ever seen, below. more »

  • 120 months ago Gizmodo »

    Californian remodeling firm Julien asked Troy Adams Design to come up with a secret loo that doubles as a "Powder Room Bench." Slide the wooden cover over the pedestal when you want it hidden away, slide it back to reveal your secret toilet in all its glory.

  • 123 months ago Gizmodo »

    Clearing big drifts of snow sucks, if not for the fact that you're doing manual labor in freezing cold weather then because the tools just aren't cute enough. Leave it to Japan to solve both these horrible problems with one delightful robot. Yuki-taro is an autonomous snowplow robot that is loaded with GPS and a couple of video cameras to make its way around. It doesn't just push snow around, oh no. It eats snow, turns it into compressed blocks, then poops them out so they can be used later for alternate sources of cooling and refrigeration. Seriously, how awesome is Japan? If it's possible to have a crush on a country, I've got one. Be my valentine, Japan. –Adam Frucci

  • 128 months ago Gizmodo »

    If you’re feeling paranoid about how much power you’re using, hook up the Wattson, which consists of a meter that you attach to your main power supply and the wireless unit pictured above, which gives you a portable readout of how many kilowatts you’re consuming. The wireless aspect of Wattson is intriguing, you could walk around your house, unplugging some of the more piggish appliances, and seeing the impact it. Each unit is handmade, so it takes eight weeks to get one into your hands.