Gift Him Bialetti

BIALETTI Espresso Essentials - Brikka Elite - 2 Cup Espresso Maker Bialetti Brikka is the only stove top espresso coffee maker capable to prepare espresso with “crema”. Bialetti Brikka revolutionizes the espresso making and drinking experience. Thanks to a special pressure-controlled valve you can now enjoy the rich and intense flavor of a creamy coffee. With the Brikka, you can enjoy a special coffee every day without leaving the comfort of your kitchen. A clear window in the lid allows to see the coffee brewing, a distinctive puffing sound tells when the coffee is done and a precise measuring cup is also included. The Brikka system is the product of intense technological and qualitative research by Bialetti and is patented worldwide. No wonder Brikkas get constantly outstanding review in forums like "CoffeeGeek". Please follow carefully the instructions to ensure the authentic espresso with "crema" just like one from the Italian bar. Bialetti Brikka is yet another great product brought to you by the ever present “little man with the moustache”. Specifications * Aluminium *Equipped with Bialetti's Brikka System® (a press static valve which allows the coffee to come out only when it reaches optimum pressure) * Measuring cup included for proper measuring * Transparent lid * For use on gas-, electric- and ceramic cooker * 2 cup version Origin Italy