Giant Obey

SWINDLE is the definitive popular culture and lifestyle publication for women and men of ages 18 to 34. More than just reporting on culture, SWINDLE is dedicated to influencing culture through content unlike anything else on newsstands. SWINDLE fills a void for readers who desire a well-balanced periodical, one that is sophisticated but not too serious, intelligent and whimsical, progressive yet timeless, all at once. As both a product of the times and a documentation of them, SWINDLE manages to stay modern and culturally relevant without falling into the endless recycling bin of trendiness. Influencing culture is a challenge, but it's SWINDLE's primary goal. To be pioneers, inspiring the tastemakers of tomorrow with fresh ideas that can only be found in SWINDLE. Instead of reporting on the biggest stories of the day, it digs deeper, bringing new stories to the forefront.