This year Saga is using the program to promote two specific fur fashion trends: stoles, and fur-trimmed garments. "We're bringing back the stole," said Gold. "People love shawls and those kinds of wraps. Since fur is so popular again, and with retro styles being so big, we think the time is right for fur stoles to return."Certainly, timing is everything. The combined influences of ladylike fashions, a return to glamour and several threads of '40s silhouettes in last fall's fashions put elegantly draped fabric stoles onto the arms of celebs stepping out in columnar evening gowns over the holidays. The entire look was reminiscent of Hollywood's movie star heyday, making the timing perfect for the fur stole. (Designers Byron Lars, Eric Gaskins and Bradley Bayou actually anticipated the trend last season, showing dramatic versions of the stole.) And what better way to gain publicity for