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    Design Verner Panton, 1959. Shell with upholstery and seat cushion, brushed stainless steel base. Made in Germany by Vitra. In 1958 he returned to Denmark full of unconventional ideas... one of which evolved into the iconic Heart Cone Chair. Defying gravity, the cone was both futuristic and shocking... so much so that when it was exhibited in a shop window in New York City police had to order its removal due to the traffic chaos its presence created. A comfortable club chair for everyday use, Vitra has faithfully re-issued this classic in close collaboration with the Panton estate. The Heart Cone Chair takes its name from its heart-shaped silhouette. 35" h | 40.5" w | 24.5" d $3,430.00 + free shipping in the continental U.S. (usually ships in 3-4 days).

  • KAHLA Abra Cadabra – the porcelain set full of fantasy - creatively performs miracles in your dining and living room, in the bath, on the bar or on the desk. It nicely presents everything from potpourris to baguette and from dips to sushi, even in a confined space. Magically versatile. Comprises 1 x 24 cm square platter & 4 x angular small bowls (6x6 cm) in a transparent gift box. Offered in pure white, four trendy décor colours, and also in red touch! Caribbean set pictured here features turquoise, orange, lime and brown: new trend colours to create a modern, Carribbean flair in your home. A great gift for someone who loves to entertain in style.

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    Carola Hiersemann has been the soul of Rosselini for the past nine years. A disciplined artist, Carola has refined her natural gift for mixing textures, shapes, and a wide-ranging color palette into a celebrated collection of jewelry. Native to Germany, Carola draws inspiration both from the pleasures of daily life as well as her experiences traveling the globe. To ensure the smooth integration of her work with European couture, Carola works closely with the fashion institutes of Berlin, Milan and Paris each season. As Carola's reputation has grown she has become one of the few designers authorized by Swarovski® to use their trademark tag on her products. Many of the other beads used in the collection have been designed by Carola and are exclusive to the Rosselini collection.

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    Size: 155h x 70diam./400cc Weight: 350g Material: Soda Glass Mfr: Leonardo Designer: LEONARDO DESIGN TEAM Made in Germany

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    Born in 1965, artist in Mönchengladbach, Germany. Grew up in the lower Rhine region, studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Her little people range across pictures, stages and facades. She fools around with clowns and dreams of painting in large formats on airships or even the Great Wall of China. "It's just great to be human." – If there's enough space, Petra Peschkes can always provide an image for this message.

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    An exciting new beerglass design from Ritzenhoff! Holds approximately 14 ounces. Born in 1977, graphic designer from Lower Saxony, Germany. Grew up in the country. Was marked by the extended lines of the horizon of her home region, drew long straights as a construction drawer and qualified to become a digitally versatile designer who privately likes fast bends on her motorbike – always en route to new destinations.