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Are you a hipster priest who wants to buy an iPod, but are feeling guilty about your earthly desires? Fret not. Your savior device has arrived in the form of a crucifix iPod. Soon, you will be able to rock out and perform exorcisms with the same object. Man Works Design, an extremely adept Russian based design firm, has come up with this prototype which they call the Saint B. The clever shape would be reason to write about this object alone, but beyond this, the form and materials rendering of the MP3 player is expertly executed. I honestly think this would be a good seller with the devout Catholics who like to wear their crosses because the Saint B Player is cute, fun, and shows your devotion to Jesus Christ. And if I may be so crass, I think this item would be an awesome promotional give-away for a pastor trying to increase his or her flock.
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    In the street or at the beach: Pod à porter is the easiest way to wear your music, even when you’re not wearing much. ... (Shapeways - Michiel Cornelissen)

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    The iPod touch features Apple's revolutionary multi-touch user interface that enables you to find and enjoy all of your music, videos, and more on its gorgeous widescreen display with just the touch of a finger. First introduced on iPhone, the multi-touch interface uses pioneering new software to present the perfect user interface for each application.

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    This is the wireless iPod speaker system that plays up to 100' from your iPod using an advanced 2.4 Ghz wireless signal to clearly broadcast music from the iPod charging base to the powerful integrated three-speaker unit.

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    Portable iPod Travel Alarm Clock Unlike traditional alarm clocks with limited audio options and a weak single speaker, this compact and portable unit is equipped with two powerful, fold-out neodymium Reson8TM speakers and a built-in charging base for any docking iPod or iPod Shuffle.

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    Glaring screen: 2.4'',260,000 pixel,TFTcolor screen,quite true,exquisite Key: high sensitive touch keys Enjoy movie: floweriness & reality, support AVI format Enjoy music: support MP3/WMA/ muti-format , synchronization with lyric EQ: soft nature, Rock, Pop,Classical,Jazz E-book: high resolution JPG picture browsing, individuational lantern slide playing set Text reading:TXT text reading,turning to pages automatically, can save the text to the player and read it at will Digital recording: built-in high clear MIC, can make recording clearly

  • Fold open this wine bottle to reveal all the tools and accessories a wine connoisseur needs! Store it with all your other wine bottles. Includes Combo corkscrew / Bottle Opener, Drip Stop Ring, Stopper, Foil Cutter, Combo Pourer / Stopper

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    Lately we've seen all sorts of iPod speakers, all with their different designs and features. Now you can even get a Hello Kitty speaker dock + speakers that fits 3-5G iPods. A line out jack allows you to output the music to a stereo or other audio device.

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    I hate plugging in my cell phone to recharge it! I can either put the phone on the floor, which just invites little doggies to chew and/or slobber on it, or I can put it on the end table, but every time the dogs walk by it they accidentally pull it off by hitting the power cord. So I love, love, love this idea - a little pocket to sit right beside the outlet and hold whatever you're charging.

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    Undoubtedly, it’s Apple that has paved the way for the digital and wireless music era as Apple iPod becomes an impeccable gadget that has been sweet heart for most of us! iPod can be more brilliant with the sparkling ipod accessories in the audio and other departments. Here we put forward the top ten dazzling and rocking iPod accessories that will make you the cynosure in the audiences.

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    SPECK PRODUCTS iGuy iPod Case & Toy A rubberized iPod case with little rubberized feet, and bendable, posable arms! / Toy and Protective Case in One / For all 4G iPods

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    Bird-Electron EZ-18B iPod Touch Speaker Stand

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    The Sanctuary is a beautiful, simple solution to a real everyday problem. A place to put the multitude of personal items we all carry around so they are easily located again when later needed and, always fully charged.

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    Introducing iWoofer, the fresh and radical iPod speaker system. iWoofer is designed to make a striking impression for the eye as well as the ear, with unique combination of features like downfiring subwoofer and the smallest ipod speaker with radio. By elevating your iPod, iWoofer also makes viewing your favorite videos a pleasure. iWoofer distinctive sci-fi yet friendly looks matches your fun loving lifestyle and let you share with all to enjoy.

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    Wireless Floating Speaker: This Wireless Floating Speaker allows you to leave your high-tech gadgetry safe in the warm while you take the speakers wherever you like. You can even float them in the bath or the pool! A small transmitter hooks up to your sound system (be it big or small) and wirelessly transmits your tunes effortlessly up to 150ft away, to these incredibly cool speakers. Wherever you wander round the house or garden you can take your music with you. Hook 'em up to your iPod, your computer, your stereo, your TV, i.e. whatever has a standard 3.5mm audio output and is pounding out sound, and you've got music at your fingertips. Ingenious and indispensable.

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    A virtual pet thats an MP3 player. It changes its looks depending on the genre of music listened to, and "grows" depending on how many hours of music you listen to. It also has infrared that is used to find other Otoizms in its vicinity and lets you know if you would be compatible based off music tastes.

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    Best Apple iPod touch accessories store, retail the best and latest Apple iPod touch accessory such as cases, skins, headphones, speakers, cables, chargers, adaptors...

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    When you are out on the Road you need to protect your iPhone. Here you will find the largest selection of clear Apple iPhone Screen Protectors. Easyipodshop offers the superior quality iPhone Screen Protectors and iPod Screen Protectors for Apple lovers. The iPhone Screen Protector is among the finest quality protection available.

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    Listen to your Apple 3G iPod Nano with iPod Nano headphones or iPod Nano earphones? iPod headphones are allowing the entire world to listen to their favourite music whilst on the go. So whether you are walking down the street or flying across the world you need a good set of ipod headphones to take everywhere with you. With every walk of life embracing portable music there is no better gift then a pair of ipod earphones.

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    Art for your iPod. "Tombo San (drangonfly) is the quintessential symbol of summer in Japan."

  • Philips Go Gear Papierdoll held it’s fashion week party again this season with Second City and it was a rousing success. This season of particular note was the giftbag given to attendees. Included in the limited edition special giftbags were mp3 players from Philips, lotions perfumes, beauty products, but the really fashinating product was the Go Gear. This mp3 player is truly made with the fashionista in mind. It has a jewel like top that once pressed goes to the next song, it was designed for simplicity and for aesthetics. it has a longer battery life than mp3 players currently out on the market and will probably match anything in your wardrobe. It comes out this March. The overall verdict of this neat little product is that Philips has a winner with the GoGear. Watch out iPod!

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    Vinyl iPod Nano flip case, Fashionation, $15. Featured in July 2007.

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    Too poor to afford a real Apple iPod Mini? Already have an Apple iPod Mini but want a matching accessory so your mates can drool? Or just want a pretty cool looking iCalc? If you answered yes to the first question, you might look like a bit of a knob trying to plug your headphones into this cool looking calculator - not to mention it probably won't sound too good!

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    JBL On Time iPod Alarm Clock Gear | iPod | On-off As cool as this thing looks, and although JBL would like you to believe otherwise, we're pretty sure the JBL On Time ($TBD) doesn't do time travel. What we are pretty sure of is that it kicks ass. It features halo acoustics that provide 360º of great sound, a large, backlit LCD, an iPod Universal Dock, an alarm clock, AM/FM radio, a line-in for other audio products, and the coolest habitat yet for an iPod. More Pics after the jump.

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    Tired of your ipod or laptop color? Change it with custom colors!

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    One of those “why havsn’t anyone thought of this before” accessories. This Wristband ($10) lets you wear your iPod Shuffle (2nd generation) player like a watch on your wrist. The light weight case will also protect your player from dust and scratches. Available colors: blue (default), black, green, pink purple & frost white.

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    solar ipod + phone charger This small and lightweight device has three wings that expand to catch sunlight for solar power. The solar battery efficiently recharges iPods® and cell phones using the latest solar technology. Weatherproof and portable, Better Energy Systems' Solio collects solar energy in town or out in the field—anywhere the sun is shining. And it's simple to use—a red LED indicates the level of charge. includes cable for use with iPod mini and 3rd-and 4th-generation iPods including iPod photo adaptor kit for use with mobile phones available separately weighs just under 6 oz. measures 4 5/8" x 1 1/4" x 2 1/2"