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Elf Slippers, Charcoal, 18-24 Months These lovely little elf slippers are specially designed not only for warmth and comfort but for quiet stealth. Caught shaking presents in your parent’s closet? Busted sneaking downstairs to catch a glimpse of the Big Guy? Never again. On temporary leave from the North Pole, we’re thrilled to welcome the cobbling talents of Jennifer Fay. She’s reinterpreted the standard elf shoe as these lush wool slippers created from felted repurposed sweaters with cashmere innersoles and non-skid leather soles. They wear beautifully as the felted wool is not only durable but gives for a comfortable fit. This one-of-a-kind charcoal colored (heathered grey) pair has 5 1/4" long midnight blue innersoles which typically fits a child ages 18-24 months. Materials: 100% wool, cashmere innersole, suede sole Availability: one of a kind medium fits ages 4-5, sole 7" long
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    Yoda plush backpack.

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    Cupcake Toppers, Birthday Party Looking for a party stopper? How about a cupcake topper! We guarantee your treats will be the talk of the kindergarden party circuit. A word to the adults: Cathy of California was raised by a super crafty mom and her projects are based on crafts she made as a little girl, as well as ideas she find in her collection of vintage craft and design books from the 1960s and ‘70s. We also love that she’s a window dresser and tend to think of her as our own crafty Rhoda. These brilliantly simple cupcake toppers are created from retro colored hand cut felt perched on wood toothpicks. Each pack contains a set of six toppers. Please note that these are not toys but are for decoration only. $5.00 Creator: Cathy of California Materials: hand cut felt, wood toothpicks Set of 6, each approximately 3 1/2" high

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    Ouch! These poor gingerbread men have been nibbled by some passing person! Each one is pulling a pained expression, is missing a limb, and best of all each one is different from all the others. Made from soft huggable recycled fabric, felt offcuts and backed with vintage floral patterned cotton. Filled with soft hygienic acrylic stuffing. Height: Just shy of 7 inches. This item is not suitable for children under 3 years of age

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    Hockey Skates Baby Booties, 0-6 mo. Now careers on the ice, like those of Michelle Kwan or Wayne Gretsky, are something to aspire to. But let's get that walking thing under control first...and in the meantime, satisfy those athletic leanings by at least looking the part. A word to the adults: These fantastic baby booties are made by a very talented pair of hands with many years of crochet experience. They are also all made to order, so please expect a two to three week turn-around time. (Although, it will probably be sooner!) And we may have a few pair in inventory if you need them ASAP, email us before ordering and we'll check stock for you. Machine washable and dryable for easy care. $40.00 Quantity: Creator: Heather's Treasure Box materials: crocheted in cozy acrylic yarn availability: made to order Sizing: 0-6 months

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    Cupcake Handbag, Strawberry Frosting Attempting to hide 'undesirable' food at the dinner table was a fine art form when we were kids. You could always hide a few beans under the mashed potatoes or wrap a couple carrots in your napkin for disposal, but the cook usually busted us. Now had we been able to disguise our veggies in a lovely little cupcake handbag we might have made it out of the kitchen door. (Please note that the management does not recommend this item for food storage!) A word to the adults: From the delicious imagination of Amy Gaines at Purl, we’re serving up sugary sweet cupcake handbags. Created from Amy’s original design, each bag is individually hand crocheted with a chocolate base and strawberry frosting. Untie the drawstring handles and there’s plenty of room for your little one to store all manner of good stuff. Each drawstring is capped with a lovely bead and as such we recommend this item for ages 3 and up. Wash on gentle and low tumble dry.

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    The adult Fuzzy Friends slippers measure ten inches inside the shoe. In other words, measure foot before purchasing. These will not fit anything over a men's 7 or a woman's 9. To ensure your satisfaction, please double check shoe size to ensure feet will fit nicely into the 10” interior of the Fuzzy Friends slippers.

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    Gloomy Bear Plush Hat...15" tall from chin to ears...One size fits most adults. Rare Japanese toy from Taito, Japan 2007. This is a presell item and will arrive in Feb-March 2007.

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    monkeys monkeys monkeys monkeys monkeys!

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    Funny Feet stuffed animals are the original "big feet" plush animal friends. With soft, huggable fur, adorable details, and large, stout feet, Funny Feet friends will encourage children's imaginations to soar.

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    Forget dogs, they need to be walked & cats come with kitty litter. The best pet, is a pet rock & this rock is cute & fluffy & totally ready to be your pet! (No walking, no kitty litter.)