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Square men's pendant in brownish black steel covered with a polished stainless steel part, very well balanced, a real pleasure to wear and feel. Perfect with your latest white Italian designer shirt with its adjustable black rope necklace. Dimension: 25mm long x 25mm wide x 3.5mm thick | Weight: 16g | Delivered with a complimentary black rubber necklace ### About Mekchoudi Design Men's Jewelry ### Mekchoudi Design is a brand of Canadian men's jewelry inspired by men's personalities around the world, from the sensuous flavors of Morocco to the wild Northern Territory of Canada and the modern cities of Europe. Made with high-quality standards by manufacturers who produce for famous designers from France, England and Italy; Mekchoudi Design offers the same quality with unique designs and great value. | The geometric symbol within Mekchoudi Design logo represents the Tree in Berber culture; Berbers are the first inhabitants of North-Africa, they refer themselves as the Imazighan meaning
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    new great parisian designer, see more on

  • 1980's Vicky Tiel Couture Paris Vintage Cocktail Dress, size extra small

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    Big Fridge. Design Roger Tallon - 1975. Revised Prisca Briquet 2007. This model is a classic of the Lip's watches realized by Roger Tallon. Lip republishes in this moment this famous watches, some of them have been modified compared to the actuals constraints, but with a real respect for the original design. So a very good news for all the design lovers | What is Lip ? Lip is a company of manufacture and distribution of watches, today very famous. The first model was chrono watch realized by Emmanuel Lipmann at Besançon in France. The company offer to Napoleon Bonaparte this watch, that was its first success. On and before the 60's, the success was not regular. The good reputation stay despite everithing, thanks to the help of importants politics gentlemans lovers of the Lip style (Eisenhower, De Gaulle...), but thanks to too the very importants technicals innovations they found (electronic, quartz...). In 1974, whereas the company seems to be finished, it is a new beginning with new watches, very populars, designed by famous artist as Roger Tallon. After 2 centuries of glory, Lip comes back today applaused by every design people and nostalgic people. | Caracteristics of the Big Fridge : - ronda movement 783. - mineral glass. - waterproof 3 ATM. - grainy brown - light brown lining leather strap. - case in stainless steel. - 2 years warranty. Dimensions of the case: 33 x 50 mm.

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    Whether you're getting ready for a rendez-vous on the Champs Elysées or just going through your morning routine, this decor item will have you showering in style. Printed with a romantic view of Paris, this black and white snapshot shower curtain will add a touch of elegance and class to your home. Sure to fit in with any decorative taste, this 'rideau' will be everything you want in the world of chic decor.

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    The strong shoulder is THE trend for Fall and come to think of it, so is velvet. We have been missing velvet for awhile now and are glad to see designers embracing the nocturnal and romantic fabric again. The Little Black Dress as done by Thierry Mugler is anything but basic. The form is sculpted. The shoulders are defined. He adds a thin stripe of red to the shorter front and lines the longer in the back skirt in the same red. This is the ultra glam piece that you will want to wear with little booties or a high patent Christian Louboutin. In fact, when you wake up in the morning and are drinking your coffee, you will be thinking about this dress, thinking is it almost nighttime? Are we there yet?

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    The product has a beautiful minimal design, comes in lots of fun colors, is water proof and costs $29.99.

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    Youthquake mode. Ruffled babydoll nighty with matching panties. Le journal français --- in a soft cotton twill. Piping, patch pocket, neck-bow. Plus + a pair of puffy, elasticized, high-waisted bloomers++ A light-hearted subversion of nightwear. size : med/lg price : $115

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    Oliver Swan combines his French and Slavic heritage with an elegant sense of theatricality from his prior experience in show business. In turning his visions into beautiful reality, he is helped by his understanding of color and material, along with his innate sense of imagination and fantasy. His designs also reflect a commitment to Old World skill and craftsmanship, in danger of disappearing elsewhere. Everything he creates is informed by a deep desire to spotlight the femininity and personality of his clients.

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    Runway Inspired Red Patchwork Dress in a variety of colors

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    Donnez l'esprit français à votre table grâce à nos nappes de grandes marques. Décorez votre cuisine, véranda ou salle à manger grâce à nos nappes de grandes marques.

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    Veuve Clicquot Champagne Moet Chandon NV Champagne Pannier NV Champagne Lindt chocolate balls gift wrapping and personalised card

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    product details      Named for significant Moroccan cities along ancient trade routes, each candle of this collection captures the subtle scents floating in the air of its namesake city. Soy blend wax is hand-poured into the glass container embellished with a matte gold design and packaged in a festive pagoda-style box. A robust blend of fragrances, ranging from fruity citrus, apple, grapefruit and berry to savory florals such as rose, cassis, jasmine and sandalwood, inspires this seaside city. Orange. Measures 3" x 3" x 4¼".

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    item name : Dining Table by Bernard Quentin designers : Bernard Quentin Era : Circa 1980 Country of Origin : France item description: Dining Table by Bernard Quentin France, 1976-1980 Steel and polished steel over wood Signature plaque H 30.5 W 91 D 30.5 The powerful physicality of this dramatic table is balanced by the tiles that cover the entire surface. Embossed in French in a playful font is a list of elements found in nature: light, bird, cloud, rose, morning, shore… Quentin was a multi-disciplinary artist where text was often a central element. Quentin's work is in the same spirit and generation as Line Vautrin. item # : TMF1031 price : Request Price

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    by Roger Capron Vallauris, France, 1970’s L: 36”, W: 18”, H: 15½” Price: $5,600 Ref: C71-27

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    pick a room and a scent and the scent will come wafting thru the vents into only your room. oh la la.