France Pink

There's a reason why poodles seem to appear time and again as a motif in the 1950s. They're just so dern cute and they lend themselves so well to illustration. (Just think--you make a bunch of curly-cues and spirals with a pen and you've got yourself a poodle. Yeah. It's not that easy, but you get the idea.) This vintage 50s silk dress and jacket feature whimsical illustrations of fashionable people promenading around with pink poodles. Love that artiste in the hot pink smock. How's about that one lady who's going for a joyride in a shopping cart? Oh, la, la! Elle est merveilleuse! The dress flows beautifully. It's got a nice full skirt with plenty of swing to it. The silhouette is complimented perfectly by the jacket (trimmed in black velvet) that features pert turn-backed cuffs. The dress zips at the side with a metal zipper.