Flower Pin Gold

Bring the outdoors in with this 1950?s 14k yellow gold blooming flower. The overlapping patterned leaves unhurriedly open in the center to showcase the round buds of lively turquoise alternating with round buds of spirited sapphires.
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    #101. Hand Formed Jeweled Golden Butterfly Pin Hand formed 14 CT Gold Filled Wire Butterfly Pin, Smokey Topaz, Yellow Topaz, Iolite, Amethysts, Hessonite, Orange Frangi Coral, and Peridot grace his wings, which have tiny Black Onyx spots. The Serpentine flower has Rutilated Quartz, Blue Topaz, Amethyst and Citrine brioletes, which serve as the flower's stamens. Mr Flitterbee's body is filled with Moonstones, and his antennae are 14 CT Gold Filled wire, with 14 CT Gold Filled beads. He stands on a grassy area of faceted Peridot. Mr Flitterbee's wing span is3 1/2 inches, ( 8.3 cm) across and 2 1/2 inch (7cm) in depth, and stands 1 inch (2 cm) above his Peridot pin base.The Serpentine flower is 1 inch ( +- 2.5) cm and the Briolette flowers are 0.5 cm. Each part is wired by hand using only cold connections, no solder. This is truly a wearable work of art and a labor of love!