Firepad Cbw Splashink Style Mouse

Fire-Pad CBW Splash-ink style Mouse Pads,,We can provide good quality and excellent price for you. Fire-Pad CBW Splash-ink style Mouse Pads With no need to reposition your mouse, this Fire-Pad CBW Splash-ink style Mouse Pad provides the ultimate playing field for PC gaming or CAD applications.The combination of the ultra-sensitive fiber and vast size allows for maximum mobility with the latest laser mice on the market and the washable, non-slip rubber base won't budge even during intense gameplay or meticulous media editing. Description: Elegant design and Chinoiserie style High-quality cloth material, providing a precise and consistent glide Provides smooth surface ensuring grater accuracy, control and faster response Durable jersey surface and rubber non-slip backing keeps the mouse on track and performing at its best Compatible with all mice technologies Dimension: 355x254x3mm(W*D*H) For more selections,you can visit Computer Accessories.