Figurine Decor Sculpture

Horses - transportation for kings and warriors, these hand carved beauties are from Northern Thailand. Carved out of a dense hardwood, they measure about 13 inches wide and 15 inches high. This delicate carving is available in antique white and add majesty to any home. Cultural Description / Significance Woodcarvings are traditional northern Thai art that can be seen in numerous temples. Nothern Thailand is the home to many colorful hill tribes such Lisu tribes of the Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai mountain regions. The north is also noted for its rich cultural traditions.
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    Hand-carved from native fruit trees, these exceptionally detailed reindeer sculptures are now sought by folk-art collectors worldwide after having had a life as molds for papier-mache figurines. Years of exposure to wet paper pulp lends a rich snow-dusted patina that is unique to each reindeer. Placed in the entryway or near the fireplace, they will become part of your beloved holiday decor. Indoor use only. 13 x 5 x 23 1/2" h.