Fendrihan Gift Sets

A gift that lets your friend or relative decide what he wants to get. This gift certificate has a value of $100 when redeemed for a purchase at fendrihan.com. <br /> <br /><strong>How to use the gift certificate:</strong> <br /> <br />- After purchase of a gift certificate, you will receive an e-mail from sales@fendrihan.com including a coupon code for $100. <br /> <br /><strong>IMPORTANT:</strong> Please add sales@fendrihan.com to your address book before-hand and double-check the address you have provided to ensure this e-mail does not end up in your junk mail folder or gets lost. Fendrihan.com cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected e-mails. Please contact us within two business days of purchase if you have not received our e-mail containing the Gift Certificate yet. <br /> <br />- You can then forward this e-mail to your chosen recipient. If you wish, you can provide us with the recipient's e-mail and we will send a copy of the gift certificate to him as well. The recipient's e-mail and name can be added in the comments section at the bottom of the final checkout page (right above the "Confirm Order" button). <br /> <br />- The gift certificate is ready for use. Your friend or relative can use it while shopping at Fendrihan.com by just inputing the coupon code on the checkout page. <br /> <br /><strong>Terms and conditions:</strong> <br /> <br />- Gift certificates can be used only to pay for products purchased at Fendrihan.com. They cannot be used to pay for taxes and/or shipping. These charges should be paid by the redeemer. <br /> <br />- Cash will not be issued to recipient in exchange for a gift certificate. <br /> <br />- Please note that the gift certificate needs to be used in full when an order is placed, so the order amount has to be at least $100 before taxes and shipping charges are applied. We are not able to redeem partial amounts at different times. <br /> <br />- Cannot be combined with other discount coupons. <br /> <br />- When purchased, gift certificates do not qualify towards free shipping. For example, if you purchased a gift certificate for $75 and shaving products for $50 you will not receive free shipping, since the value of the goods to be shipped is only $50. <br /> <br />- Customer is responsible for making the necessary effort to obtain the gift certificate in case the e-mail we send is redirected into the bulk mail folder. Fendrihan.com will not be held liable if the e-mail containing the gift certificate is not delivered, due to but not limited to, firewall filters, spam filters, server errors etc. <br /> <br />- Please contact sales@fendrihan.com if the gift certificate has not been delivered within two business days of purchase.