February For

Woohoo, Glamour’s got a new blogger for Fashion Week! We love her because she’s smart, funny and can write a mean sentence. But here are some of the things you’ve said about her: “the most gorgeous woman,” “the embodiment of modern beauty,” “truly glamorous and inspiring” and “OMG!!! Unbelievable!” So who is this awe-inspiring person? Meet Crystal Renn, 23, fashion fanatic and author of the book Hungry, about her experiences going from starving straight-size model to happy, healthy and hugely successful plus-size one (she’s a 12, which as we’ve written is considered “plus”; I know, it’s nuts). She recently appeared on the cover of V, made the front page of the New York Times' style section and took over a good chunk of our own February issue, photographed by Norman Jean Roy. Here she is, dazzling in Dolce: