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  • A handbag that flows... The Eliza Cotton Handbag by Getsuzy combines style and practicality in one. Featuring an Art Nouveau printed fabric, this piece will certainly add uniqueness and a breath of fresh air to your outfit. The mixture of sober colors and a lively print makes it versatile both for your daily errands or having fun at night. This handmade piece will remain current for many years to come. For more art inspired solutions, click here.

  • Volume, texture, detail and visual interest make a piece stand out from the others. The way to achieve this does not only rely on threads and the tension given to them. Folds, crumples and layering can define new silhouettes and forms, such as that which is created by the japanese art of origami. Tipically seen on dresses and other formal garments, origami-inspired treatments are artistic yet wearable new ways of expression. These can be conveyed as decorative details such as Hoss Intropia's dress or be part of the structure and overall fit such as Rachel Roy's and Marc Jacob's examples. To capture the spotlight while avoiding being overwhelming, these pieces are usually monochromatic or use a few coordinating colors, which emphasizes the fact that more than stitches meet the eye.

  • A subtle dress with a big impact... The Sleeveless Ruffle Cotton Dress by 3.1 Phillip Lim is soft and simple but will make you feel and look prettier than ever. A fashion statement on its own, this dress is suitable both for day and night by making a few accessory adjustments. A bolder look is easily achievable by adding black opaque tights and a larger handbag. Woke up feeling romantic? Wear skinny jeans underneath and flats for your daily activities. For more vintage-inspired solutions, click here.

  • Power dress for a power woman... Introducing the Black Sweetheart Dress by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, the perfect dress to feel absolutely confident in. Modify its silhouette by unfastening buttons and adjusting the neckline. Forget little, this is the black dress that will make you be yourself to the power of 10. For more solutions fit for a super woman, click here.

  • Dressed in one step... The outfit-making clueless day starts with either too many or too little clothing possibilities paired with a truly hesitant state of mind. What to do? Pick a worry-free solution such as the Collarless Playsuit by Mint Jodi Arnold, accessorize it according to the occasion and you'll be ready to be out and about. This is the ultimate instant chic piece for the summer. For more solutions that rely on more than stitches for a great look, click here.

  • Volume in the right places... The volume trend in clothing? It's fabulous, until you actually seem pregnant when you aren't. The problem itself is not wearing something with volume but its location and whether it suits your particular body or not. The Cashmere Kaftan by Autumn Cashmere is an example of how volume can look good when used in the right places. The fake pregnancy look is primarily avoided by cinching in at the waist and having an elongating V-neck. Volume is used to your advantage by freeing the arms and creating movement as you walk while the length of the kaftan makes you look longer instead of wider like it happens with short pieces with volume. Choose right and the volume trend will not only look good on the hanger! For more solutions that create effects with more than stitches, click here.

  • Is there something that will remain compatible with the rest of your wardrobe season after season? By combining practicality with elegant design, vintage inspired clothing will surely become the constant of your closet. Perfect for upscaling a casual pair of jeans or looking impeccable at the office, classically made garments, may turn out to be your best allies. Always interesting, you will find these pieces to be colorful, textured, detailed and both body and outfit enhancing. Classic and easily made current again, vintage clothing invokes nostalgia like a breath of fresh air from the bit less complex world of the past.

  • Add descriptionRock and elegance in one... The Cropped Stud Jacket by Anna Sui will be a keeper in your wardrobe. Depending on what you pair it with, this piece will morph into an elegant element or the edgy look of your outfit. Deliberately designed to be versatile, this jacket will be able to define your own style according to your day's spirit. A piece created to make your own and that will speak your mind by putting it on. To read on about style, click here.

  • Classically thought to be formal and serious when used in clothing, the color gray can actually enhance bolder pieces to create unexpected but surprisingly natural combinations. No matter the accompanying non-gray garments that are used, gray is capable of toning down the elegant and giving glamour to the casual. Plus, with shiny finishes, it can become the ultimate sophistication factor. Gray might not be the first obvious choice when seeking to complement a vivid palette, but being the offspring of black and white, it just has it in its genes.

  • There's another edge to art-inspired fashion: abstract prints in a restrained color palette. Interesting geometric graphics give these pieces a powerful message without the uncontrolled color mix. Some are directly inspired in world-known artists such as Mondrian and Escher, printed with segments or re-interpretations of their work. Others become the canvas of the designer's own creations such as those by Richard Sorger. Be it structured or free-form, art can be depicted by fashion design with seamless strokes.

  • How many different materials do we usually wear? Probably just a few. For most occasions, comfortable materials are a sensible choice, so is there a way to look polished at the same time? Postmodern denim to the rescue: the mixture of structure and a variety of thicknesses, shades and finishes make denim look as new as when it was first created in the late 18th century. Found in a wide range of garments, be it casual or upscale, spring or winter oriented, pure or sensual, denim was invented to persist, look good and most of all: be practical for the real life.

  • Flower patterns during the spring season cannot be called a trend, they are a given. Luckily however, each season, florals are somehow reinvented. This time around, the alternative to predictable spring-related garments are bold and versatile short dresses. Graphic and colorful, these pieces are fresh enough for the daily heat but chic and fit for the city (no need of carrying around a piña colada or coconut handbag with you!). The variety of fabrics have a sense of being one of a kind, handpainted or vintage which contributes to the overall originality and glamour of each garment. Easily transformable from day to night, you will find that modern florals are able to substitute corniness for pure energy.

  • A timeless style fit for savanna adventures or a daily routine at urban jungles. This spring, African-inspired patterns and colors unite with soft and versatile materials to create a long-lasting trend that will surely continue in the future seasons. Warmer pieces such as Safari-influenced cardigans and suede trousers complement fresher clothes making this style also suitable for the transition between seasons and cooler spring days. By choosing ethnic prints with neutral bases such as white, beige, brown or black, these pieces are smoothly matched with the urban basics: jeans, khakis, leggings, t-shirts, etc. Staying fresh and comfortable while looking effortlessly chic during spring had not been this simple in many seasons.

  • This is the genuine pattern of character. Used throughout history, checkered, plaid or tartan patterns have always been re-interpreted into the present. The most classic convey red, black and white hues with green, blue or yellow highlights while more casual and modern ones bear lighter shades and a chromatic variety. Is it possible to encapsulate this style into a certain current or fad? Definitely not. It ranges from elegant perennial pieces to fresh spring arrays and counter-movement garments such as those used in punk. This is character squared simply because it depends on both the designer's purpose and the personality of who wears it to define it's ultimate significance.

  • Simplicity and style in one... The Stella Patent Leather Flat Sandals by Yves Saint Laurent will surely be remembered in the future seasons. Few designs combine symbolism, timelessness and comfort so easily. The difficult decision will not be what to wear them with, but when to give a chance to the rest of your shoes. Creating a new type of sandal in it's own right, this pair falls straight from heaven to be part of your every step.

  • The Wrap Cardigan by Jardin des Orangers is the perfect outer layer of any outfit. Open and full of movement, you will be able to incorporate this piece and add the last touch for a variety of occasions. Tie it for a more fitted look or leave it loose for creating interesting layering. Its neutral shade of gray makes it easy to coordinate either with bold and bright colors or classic tones such as black or white. This cardigan will be there for you when you most need it. For more on how to coordinate gray, click here.

  • Comfort that tricks the eye... The 3-color pleat tunic by Forever 21 is another example of the volume trend working to our advantage. For instance, the way it drapes and pleats away from the body makes it be breezy and comfortable. The length of the tunic forces the fabric down instead of out which is how our natural proportions are maintained without creating fake bulk. The best feature of this piece? The strategically-placed color blocks trick the eye by narrowing the waist and drawing the eye up to the lightest part which frames the neck. The result? A chic, comfortable and flattering outfit in one. For a great necklace to team it with, click here.

  • Cool, calm and collected for the warm weather... This cotton flower-printed top by Marni is a feminine and pretty way of staying cool this summer, without losing your chic in the process. With a flirty (and definitely fresh) low cut line at the back, the roses are masterfully balanced. Make it casual by wearing it with a pair of white jeans and sandals or dress it up by adding a pencil skirt, high heels and a wide waist belt. For more flowery and fresh solutions, click here.

  • Groovy, baby... Get artsy, get retro with the eye candy Ring Necklace by Marni. A truly unique look, this piece will make any top pop! Be edgy and elegant by wearing it with a simple black dress or choose a contrasting printed top for added impact. Post-modern mod is back! For more art-inspired solutions, click here.

  • A dress you can live in... The Raissa Silk Tye Dye Tunic by Velvet is the perfect addition to your wardrobe this summer. Lightweight and comfortable, chic and versatile, you will be able to wear it over and over again. Renew your look every time by adding a belt or wearing leggings, wearing stilettos instead of sandals...the possibilities are endless! For more chic summer dresses, click here.

  • Romantic mood for summer... The Summer of Love Necklace by Juicy Couture will certainly be an outfit maker. With unique beads that are repeated only once, you can relate a summer memory to each bead. The color and shape variety transforms this necklace into the perfect addition to practically every outfit you can think of. A statement piece that will not pass unnoticed... For more vintage inspired pieces, click here.

  • Versatile, elegant and practical...perfect for work AND play... The Harlequin Leather Tote by Miu Miu is the smart alternative to a plain black handbag. Yes, black IS practical but can sometimes get boring. Add a punch of color and lively pattern to your day without having trouble to coordinate it to your outfit. The carefully patchworked color combination of this bag makes it all possible. Plus, if you have to run to meet your friends straight after work, you will be more than prepared for the occasion. For more from work to play solutions, click here.

  • How many ways are there to wear stripes and look good in them? There is a little striped dress for every occasion and body type. The diversity of materials and cuts makes it easy to find the perfect one for every woman. The placement of the stripes should enhance the body by tricking the eye, so choose the one that makes your figure look its best. Wear stripes and you will be classic and contemporary at the same time.

  • I’ve always been fascinated with Cameron Diaz. She always manages to pull total sophistication while maintaining an endearingly down-to-earth persona. From the silver screen to the red carpet, Cameron just oozes with confidence. And who can miss those sparkling Bvlgari ring and earrings? Those sparklers are worth a lot of money but Cameron made them look like they’re a hundred million dollars with the way she carried them.

  • pat
    117 months ago Sephora »

    If anyone is looking for an all-around excellent neutral makeup palette- this is it. And for $35? A STEAL! A great rosy gold blush plus four shadows that can be combined endlessly. Here are three looks: For everyday- you can use the peach tan & pale beige shadows- beige on lid, peachy tan in crease (with the brown as a liner using a thin brush if you want more emphasis). For a night look, use the black as a liner and use the either the brown on the lid and crease, or the tan (or beige) with brown in the crease. To get a great smoky eye, use the brown on the lid and crease, then line all around with the black, sweeping it away from eye and over the lid. Add a touch of brown around the bottom outer corner of eye and blend beige in the corners and on the browbone.

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