Fake Food Women Ooak

scrumptious handmade pink cupcake cameo in an aged brass frame - what could be nicer? It hangs from a chunky adjustable antiqued hypoallergenic chain which is finished with a creamy faux pearl.
  • 118 months ago Liquorice-allosaurs »

    It has to be said that food is one of my favorate things, so it was only a matter of time before I made this bracelet. It's a total food fight with yummies of every kind! We are talking ice cream, cupcakes, apples, cherries, doughnuts, there's even a fried egg in there. It's an assortment of handmade one of a kind charms and sweet plastic fantastic ones, with a sweet apple enammeled charm and a cute button thrown in for good measure. The black plastic chain has a silver plated chain running through it for extra va-va-voom. There won't ever be another one just like this