Natural Eye Makeup,For natural eye makeup you really just want to illuminate the eye area to give the eyes some perk. # Firstly apply some concealer to cover the dark circles and hid puffiness under the eyes. Apply little by little using a concealer brush or
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    Eyelid Stickers Let You Sleep At Work - This funny gadget let you sleep in office or during lesson. Can't find any reason not buy one pair for your friends. Very funny little office gadget Many different style of eyes for your choice. 2 x One-eye-sticker Please note that style will be randomly picked depends on availability.

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    Eyeshadow for dramatic eye makeup,Eyeshadow for dramatic eye makeup! For dramatic eye makeup, you should apply eyeshadow in light shade on your eyelid and extend it into the crease and up to the brow bone. Apply the same or a bit darker shade under the lower lashes. Place a darker sh

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    How to Apply Eyeshadow Method 1,Do you buy eyeshadow but never know how to apply it the right way? Well, now's your chance to learn how to put it on so that you look great! Prime the lids by applying a light touch of foundation or concealer to the lids to even skin tone and help sh

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    Eye Magic is the non-surgical upper eyelid lift that has been specifically designed to quickly and easily restore sagging or drooping eyelids to a youthful shape. Acting as the ideal alternative to blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Eye Magic's transparent strips are used to fold back drooping upper eye lids, replicating the eyelid's natural shape. A single application lasts all day. Apply with your morning makeup and take off before bed. Use every day or as desired. Eye Magic is a must for special occasions and photos when you want to look your best.