Exposed Zippers Versace

You know something has taken hold of the fashion world when you’re seeing it EVERYWHERE. It started on the runways, and now we’re seeing zippered accents all over the place- from streets to subways to red carpets, proving that zippers aren’t only functional, they’re seriously fashionable as well! Zippers have made their way from fly’s, to being exposed on handbags, sandals, headbands, pants, shirts, dresses (like the amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim style seen on Kate Bosworth) and then some. It’s a tricky trend and sort of hard to find on foot, so grab the nearest laptop and credit card and shop away at the online stores that carry the must have zipper pieces of the season. I have provided a handful of accessories and clothes that will have you zipping through the tabs on your browser to purchase.