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'Mummy's love' is named generically because every mum deserves the honor and credit for her hard work and their unconditional love for her child. This set of dolls is specially designed in celebration of Mother's Day, as we sing along the happy tune for the greatest woman in the world - Mother. Mummy stands at approximately 6cm (2.36") tall, caring lovingly for her baby.
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    This fun clock features a different starship or fighter on every hour of the clock, handmade by Etsy seller YOUgNeek, and you can order a customized version. Here’s a list of the starships and fighters featured on the clock. 12 o’clock Star Destroyer 1 o’clock TIE Interceptor 2 o’clock Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter 3 o’clock Jabba’s Barge 4 o’clock Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car 5 o’clock Y-Wing Fighter 6 o’clock Super Star Destroyer 7 o’clock Rebel Blockade Runner 8 o’clock TIE Bomber 9 o’clock X-Wing Fighter 10 o’clock Rebel Snowspeeder 11 o’clock A-Wing Starfigher Available for $89.99. I hope they don’t all fire on each other at once. That wouldn’t be good.