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Elegance describes the NATASHA Bridal Belt. Made with high quality crystal clear prong set rhinestones sewn to satin in your choice of color.
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    A passion for vintage Italian micro-mosaic jewelry inspires my tiny mosaic creations. Delicate in scale, yet grand in fine detail, these little darlings add an exquisite dash of complexity to anything you wear. They are lightweight, but with just enough heft to give them a wonderful swing. This is the "Eclipse" set. Graceful and refined with an understated luminosity, these vintage-style beauties bring to mind an era of bygone elegance. Perfect for the bride, they have an Edwardian feel. Yet for all their old-world glamour, you can easily imagine them time-traveling forward, to romanticize a tailored jacket or wispy summer dress. In essence, your new favorites ♥.