Eggcentric Art Mouse

From the Mickey Mouse series, a great figure that will enhance the Disney collection you have. Disney aficionados and dog fanciers everywhere will adore these best-in-show canines designed by renowned American Folk artist Jim Shore for Disney Traditions. Here is Mickey's lovable, laughable, loyal & totally irresistible Pluto complete with dog tag!
  • 98 months ago Eggcentric Art »

    You will be so impressed with the quality of this fine Disney collector's piece. Shopping is what girls do best... even if that girl is a mouse. Minnie walks up and down Main Street, USA. Inspired by original Disney poster art, Mickey & Friends adds a little laughter to anyone's lifestyle. A poster art card is included with purchase.

  • 99 months ago Eggcentric Art »

    This is a mono-color piece of Mickey giving Minnie a box of Chocolates while hiding a bouquet of flowers behind his back.