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Check out this cool mirror from Urban Outfitters, trimmed with recycled magazines! What a great idea for the a child my mom used to make a lot of items by rolling up old magazines...beads, picture frames...etc.
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    From our favorite new French brand 2Two, this textured knit coat is in the most beautiful midnight blue. With plenty of pockets for your mp3 player, hands, gloves, and love notes, and with beautiful seaming details and big buttons, this is a coat to be passionate about! Use coupon code "stylehive" for 10% off!

  • Hi Everyone! I've been working on these ornaments for the past few days. I love them because they're very shiny and they sparkle under the light. I created several different designs. . .the picture shows a few of them. I've made about 12 of them so far and I have about 20 more ornaments to make.

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    Most of our FaeryWear is made of the finest silks and silk velvets and has been washed and distressed to perfect softness before being sent out into the world. That means most of it is easy to care for and can be safely washed by hand or gently by machine. The chiffons can hang to dry and they dry very quickly! The velvets can be dried by machine with a fabric softener sheet and you will love how they feel! Please be aware that any tattered edges and other signs of being worn while sleeping under brambles are intentional because...have you ever seen a faery with a hem?

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    A cold join, metal, found object ring made in Susan Lenart Kazmir's class. I used many jewelry skills, lots of new ones, to construct this ring. I started with only a sheet of copper, iron wire, sterling wire, and four found metal objects (the metal for the band, the loop, the hand, and the bottom coin.) I had to anneal, cut, saw, patina, punch, rivet, and wire the rest. The metal loop just under the top lintel piece is loose and will spin all the way around the ring, under the lintel. It looked somewhat like a fertilizer spreader to me -- hence the name "Spreading Joy." The word "joy" is punched into the metal loop and the words "joy" and "gentleness" are punched into the metal just below the loop.

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    Create these colorful paper ornaments for your Christmas tree. The folded sections are inserted into notched rings, which hold them into place without glue.

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    I think this dress is just genious and beautiful. I had to look at the large image up-close until I figured out what this was made from. Maybe add a few sparkling crystals/silver sequins and this would kill on the prom dance floor. Made from discarded stockings.

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    As we gather to give thanks and enjoy time with family and friends, Thanksgiving tables will take center stage. If you haven't decided what to put in the center of your table, this quick, beautiful and all-natural centerpiece idea may give you some inspiration.

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    Locher’s features delicate embroidery designs on classically styled blouses. What makes them truly unique is the firecracker comments embroidered alongside birds, coffee cups, and flowers; with sayings like, Sorry Darling, Good Girls Don’t Swallow

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    Saya's intricate procedure of hand stitching adds to the uniqueness and luxury finish of these shoes. Heel Height: 60mm Heel Type: Self covered Upper material: Vintage kimono textile fabric Lining: Leather Sole: Leather

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    Just say yes. We did when a few of us tried this bag and discovered at once that it molded perfectly to the body, looked spectacular with any color we wore, and did all that with stylish fringe and comfortable straps, to boot. Made from fabric scraps, our Yes! Bag makes a cool or playful statement in any company, wherever it roams.

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    We love the adventurous fashions from UK designer and photographer TiinaTeaspon. Her work is combines the best bits of bohemia, a masquerade ball, theatrical costuming to create unique fashions that are sure to turn heads at a party. Each of her pieces has character, and you’ll never have to worry about arriving at a party wearing someone’s matching dress. A graduate of the London College of Fashion, not only are these pieces original and handmade, but she creates her works from reclaimed cotton, eco-friendly bamboo jersey, and natural dyes.

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    Oval disc, three quarters by one half inch in diameter, on a slim round wire band. The disc attaches to the band on a bit of tubing, allowing it to rotate back and forth freely. Available with a brushed silver or oxidized band. Please note that if you choose the oxidized band, the black will wear off with time, giving the band a worn, antiqued look. $45

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    you will not be disappointed in this pillow from Rabbitsmoon - full of detail and smocked with care.

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    Este é o chapéu Eiko, é a cara do Tofu Studio, verdinho lindo, cheio de flores e um brilho discreto permeando tudo! O tecido é japonês, é algodão, leve e refrescante (um verdadeiro achado da casa!), todinho forrado….

  • Any slightly fuzzy, smoothly twisted yarn in your choice of bunny color. You will not need much yarn. Enough for about a 6" square plus a little more for the ears and sewing makes a nice size bunny. Needles to knit your yarn to a gauge firm enough so stuffing won't show through unpleasantly, but not so firm as to reduce the "cuddly soft" feel and fuzziness.

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    Vintage Butterfly Necklace Art School Dropout I love the contrast of the briliant colored butterflies against the cream pendant, with the glossy black enameled chain. And the tiny butterfly is the perfect accent. This necklace will add the perfect touch of color to your winter wardrobe! Be sure to check out all 5 color variations we have stocked in the shop for you!

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    Love this remix by indie designer Kathy Malone...

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    Check out innovative textile designer Alison Willoughby - OustaPop shares a peek at Alison's creative designs.

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    love this necklace

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    This is a round shaped pendant that is attached to an ornate backing stamp with a patented picture of retro flowers. The picture is protected and incased in a clear resin. All of the metal is silver and clean. There may be some tiny, small air bubbles evident these do not interfere with the pendant, this shows the handmade aspects. The necklace closes with a detailed heart shaped clasp. The pendant is suspended on a silver small belcher chain and is adjustable. (See measurement details for the various lengths it adjusts to).

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    Brand new design! Our Isabelle Messenger in our Blue Damask Cord and coordinating blue dottie print. Patchwork Strap. Rear gathered pocket. Two interior pockets. Magnetic closure. Purse feet. Comes with a rhinestone buckle embellishment on each side plus a vintage accessory on the front. This bag is in stock and ready to ship.

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    Casual, glam and romantic... a killer combination. This beautiful top starts with a 2" wide pleated halter that crosses in the front and snaps at the rear. Below the halter soft asymmetrical pleats give the body a full shape. Behind the halter are two 3 1/2" wide sashes that cross to the front to tie into an overstated bow. The back is elasticized to give a snug fit, and the whole thing is brought to a close with a 2" elasticized band at the bottom. The fabric is a beautiful stretch cotton with a slight sheen, and the top is lined. In green. Fabric: 68% cotton/29% nylon/3% spandex

  • Feitos com feltro, botões e missangas. Made of felt, buttons and beads. Mais informações por favor contactar aqui. More information please contact here . Thanks.

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    T-shirts and clothing in general are an artistic medium like any other that you can work on to display and communicate ideas. When I started the 102porciento brand with Martín the idea was having fun and doing t-shirts in small runs painting directly on them and silkscreen printing them in very limited quantities to diferentiate ourselves from big brands. After that we experimented with other techniques because everyone uses silkcreen printing for t-shirts so we started sewing stuff or mixing techniques

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    "We did our research. Listed are the hand-selected designers who we think are the creme de la creme when it comes to fashion." Hitch Couture

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    Gogo BorgerdingAll hand-crafted cuffs made of sterling silver and anodized aluminum. 1/12” wide x 6” long. Custom colors available. Made to order.

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    Handmade Hats for all seasons...