Dispatch Jen Garrido

Michael and Lara Roller with Lovey Dovey by Jen Garrido: the Rollers have become regulars at the monthly Gallery Hop. "It’s not that we’re looking to buy every month, but we go to see what’s out there," she said. She works as a retail environmental designer for Fitch; and her husband, as a freelance designer. In the past year and a half, they have bought four paintings — including a series of three by Iowa artist Robert Atwell. "Probably the hardest thing for us to agree on is the art," she said. "We have similar tastes, but it’s funny: There are things we don’t necessarily see eye to eye on." "We’re still pretty young and just starting out," she said. "A thousand dollars would be the limit if we really, really loved something." Her husband explained the appeal of collecting: "We’re both creators of things. So when you have someone else’s creation on your wall, you can appreciate all the effort that went into it. I like to speculate, wonder: How did this come to be? "