Digital Camera Mp3

  • 126 months ago Cingular »

    I have this phone & love it- good combo of MP3, phone, camera! If you buy a sandisk chip you can store 200+ songs or 1000+ pics- it takes great photos. "High-speed video, rotating 1.3 megapixel camera, streaming TV, 3D stereo sound. MP3 music player w/music ID. Packaged in a sleek black clamshell. Multitask with Bluetooth wireless--talk and tunes on the go. Connect with IM using AOL, Yahoo!, ICQ."

  • 126 months ago Nokiausa »

    This is your all-in-one device for the mobile traveler - video camera, still pics, phone, e-mail all in one. You can download your footage to a PC and edit it with the Adobe Premiere software that comes with it. Then you can hook it up to your TV and watch your movies in your room.