Designmyworld Home Lighting

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    This striking canvas light combines state of the art die sublimation printing with true style and elegance. The canvas that allows the ultra thin strip light to shine through it to give a soft glow. The candle images are so realistic you almost believe they are flickering. The canvas can be washed at 30 degrees. Also available as white print on black backround , as seen on the Glo Chandelier.

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    Thaw , a tea light holder with a difference. Place the water filled silicone mould in the freezer for 8 hours. The ice then sits above the mould and the stainless steel collar and is illuminated by the candle. As the ice thaws the water melts back into the mould taking about the same time as the life of the candle to thaw. Each time you use Thaw the shape of the ice, the way it melts and the way it holds the light of the candle will be different