Decorative Bowls

Very cool designs!
  • 99 months ago VivaTerra »

    Rarely if ever have we come upon a bowl that captures the shimmering beauty of winter with such elegance. These glistening glass beads sparkle like ice crystals on the hand-kneaded wire branches that form this bowl. Striking as a wall display on its own, it also holds glass balls and other objet.

  • 106 months ago Uncommon Goods »

    Heavy and handsome, these gorgeous bowls made of sustainable Mango Tree wood bring an organic presence to any room. Hand made by artisans in Thailand, each bowl is a rich golden brown color with a dark chocolate accent. The natural strip of bark left around the rim of the bowls provides a rich and rough texture that contrasts beautifully with the buttery smoothness of the inside and base of the bowl. A piece of felt on the bottom protects surfaces and prevents sliding.

  • 106 months ago Uncommon Goods »

    Ironically, this sturdy and striking cedar bowl has an undeniably liquid-like quality to it. The rim of the bowl seems to ebb and flow into wooden waves, and its subtle swirling lines and dark knotted pools only add to its movement. And it is the combination of a fluid design in such an immobile material that makes this hand carved bowl a stunning and exceptional accent for any home. Handmade in Southeast Asia.

  • 108 months ago Uncommon Goods »

    At first glance, this pure and simple glass bowl looks just that. But it is the closer inspection that will bring a slight smile of amusement as you share in designer Scot Spratford's clever and elegant interpretation of the "mud-flap girl."

  • 113 months ago Uncommon Goods »

    I was really impressed with these bowls when first saw them. They are gorgeous, well-made and elegant. When the light hits them the mosaic of different shades of green looks like a beautiful liquid forest. LOVE!