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Limited Edition turned solid walnut top set. Intriguing at rest, addictive in use. Not currently for sale on our site - See Communiqué section for further details. KleinReid is a collaboration of artists James Klein and David Reid. KleinReid has created an inspired line of contemporary porcelain objects for table and home.
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    Sock Monkey Cranky Pants Click here to learn about the Cranky Pants waiting list!. A word to the adults: We don't know that there are many things cuter than artist Amy Kett's hand knitted Cranky Pants. You'll love these pants on your little pirate. Cranky Pants are also designed to be used as a natural cloth diaper cover as wool will absorb and hold up to 30% of its own weight in liquid. Kindly be aware that all Cranky Pants are made to order, so please expect a two to three week turn-around time. Additionally, please note that our Jolly Roger Cranky Pants are offered only as described and are not customizable (other than your selection from the fours sizes listed below). Hand wash. Care instructions included.

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    Elf Slippers, Charcoal, 18-24 Months These lovely little elf slippers are specially designed not only for warmth and comfort but for quiet stealth. Caught shaking presents in your parent’s closet? Busted sneaking downstairs to catch a glimpse of the Big Guy? Never again. On temporary leave from the North Pole, we’re thrilled to welcome the cobbling talents of Jennifer Fay. She’s reinterpreted the standard elf shoe as these lush wool slippers created from felted repurposed sweaters with cashmere innersoles and non-skid leather soles. They wear beautifully as the felted wool is not only durable but gives for a comfortable fit. This one-of-a-kind charcoal colored (heathered grey) pair has 5 1/4" long midnight blue innersoles which typically fits a child ages 18-24 months. Materials: 100% wool, cashmere innersole, suede sole Availability: one of a kind medium fits ages 4-5, sole 7" long

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    Cupcake Toppers, Birthday Party Looking for a party stopper? How about a cupcake topper! We guarantee your treats will be the talk of the kindergarden party circuit. A word to the adults: Cathy of California was raised by a super crafty mom and her projects are based on crafts she made as a little girl, as well as ideas she find in her collection of vintage craft and design books from the 1960s and ‘70s. We also love that she’s a window dresser and tend to think of her as our own crafty Rhoda. These brilliantly simple cupcake toppers are created from retro colored hand cut felt perched on wood toothpicks. Each pack contains a set of six toppers. Please note that these are not toys but are for decoration only. $5.00 Creator: Cathy of California Materials: hand cut felt, wood toothpicks Set of 6, each approximately 3 1/2" high

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    May be your are interested in this service for your child's photo. Cool inexpensive gift / decoration ideas. It turns photo into premium graphic arts, done by professional artist. It claims 80% discounted price.

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    When it nears the witching hour (dinner time), gather all the ghouls and goblins 'round the cauldron for a magical brew of snakes and toads (spaghetti and meatballs). Set the table with these personalized ceramic plates all October long and make every dinner a haunted feast. Ceramic plate is 8". Allow 4 weeks for delivery. Custom items are non-returnable

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    Decoupage is the art of cutting and gluing paper images to surfaces. John Derian, an avid collector of antique fruit, flower and animal prints, hand-paints borders over centuries-old ledgers and letters. He combines all these elements into charmingly eccentric collages, which are reprinted and pieced together in layers under glass accessories. His ever-expanding collection includes plates, platters, paperweights, coasters, lamps, bowls, bell jars, urns and vases. Collectors around the world prize his designs.

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    Hockey Skates Baby Booties, 0-6 mo. Now careers on the ice, like those of Michelle Kwan or Wayne Gretsky, are something to aspire to. But let's get that walking thing under control first...and in the meantime, satisfy those athletic leanings by at least looking the part. A word to the adults: These fantastic baby booties are made by a very talented pair of hands with many years of crochet experience. They are also all made to order, so please expect a two to three week turn-around time. (Although, it will probably be sooner!) And we may have a few pair in inventory if you need them ASAP, email us before ordering and we'll check stock for you. Machine washable and dryable for easy care. $40.00 Quantity: Creator: Heather's Treasure Box materials: crocheted in cozy acrylic yarn availability: made to order Sizing: 0-6 months

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    Nilla Samies Soapsicles Much to our mother’s consternation, we discovered early on that if you smile with a big bite of an ice cream sandwich in your mouth it looks like your teeth are either rotting out of your head or are covered in mud! Disgusting and delicious. A word to the adults: Debbie Chialtas is the mastermind behind Soapylove's clever line of 'soapsicles', mild handmade glycerin soaps with delicious scents and a foamy lather. Nilla Sammies Soapsicles are designed to look ice cream sandwiches, vanilla ice cream between two chocolate cookies with a comical bite out of one corner. These Soapsicles are not only beautiful, they're deliciously scented like vanilla and chocolate. We love the idea of tying a simple tag with the name of each birthday party reveler, and using them as place cards at the table. Use your imagination and feel the love! Read the MDG blog profile of Debbie Chialtas and learn more about the artist who created this item. $6.00

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    Cupcake Handbag, Strawberry Frosting Attempting to hide 'undesirable' food at the dinner table was a fine art form when we were kids. You could always hide a few beans under the mashed potatoes or wrap a couple carrots in your napkin for disposal, but the cook usually busted us. Now had we been able to disguise our veggies in a lovely little cupcake handbag we might have made it out of the kitchen door. (Please note that the management does not recommend this item for food storage!) A word to the adults: From the delicious imagination of Amy Gaines at Purl, we’re serving up sugary sweet cupcake handbags. Created from Amy’s original design, each bag is individually hand crocheted with a chocolate base and strawberry frosting. Untie the drawstring handles and there’s plenty of room for your little one to store all manner of good stuff. Each drawstring is capped with a lovely bead and as such we recommend this item for ages 3 and up. Wash on gentle and low tumble dry.

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    The dolls/objects are made from linens, wool, Mohair wool, cotton, vintage fabrics, tweed, antique embroidery, pashmina and other fabrics. Other materials I use are antique and vintage buttons, beads, silver thread and old ribons. New items coming every season..

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    these stainless steel wall decorations bring life and light to any wall. self-sticking decals on back of each pattern. bird: dimensions: 7" x 10" iris: dimensions: 11 1/2" x 10" daisy: dimensions: 11 1/2" x 10"

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    Octavio the Owl, Berry Pink Octavio owl sat in an oak, The more he heard, the less he spoke; The less he spoke, the more he heard; A young vibrant fellow dressed like an old bird. Although he be silent, watchful and wise, The blue jay’s bright plumage delighted his eyes. From his feathery brown cloak he decided to part, His wisdom did not preclude dressing smart.

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    NEW! An exact replica of Steiff's white mohair polar bear on wheels from 1910. This moving marvel is 17 inches, has a patented ball joint neck which triggers a growler when moved, excelsior stuffing, custom black glass eyes, and a gold plated Button in Ear. On metal six spoke wheels. Worldwide limited edition of 1,000 pieces. Size: 17 inches

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    Dottilicous Wall Stickers- Set of 80! Each kit contains 80 multi-colored funky dots of varying sizes. Stickers are "peel and stick" friendly and can be removed and reused multiple times.

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    Happy Feet, indeed! Jibbitz are charms for your Crocs, running the gamut from Disney characters to silly faces for your footwear, with a liberal sprinkling of everything-under-the-sun thrown in for good measure. You can also Jibbitz out the strap of your Crocs, get cellphone charms or regular charms for a bracelet.

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    Fleece Dog® is a small stuffed dog made with wool or dog hair. It's so easy - just thread the wool with the odd shaped needle, and you can create a variety of dogs, just like that! Fine gradations are created by mixing many types of wools with a variety of colors and qualities selected to create an authentic look for each type of dog. It is possible to create a stuffed dog just like the real one - you can even make a tiny copy of your pet by mixing real dog hair into the wool. You can use your dog's real hair that comes off from everyday brushing or trimming. Fleece Dog® has a flexible body shape allowing it to have any pose you like, making it truly irresistible for dog lovers.

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    A real conversational piece. Artistically crafted. Fun...

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    Danish Pixies These delightfully designed Danish elves count down to Christmas Day, all decked out with 24 numbered pockets and metal rings to store and hang tiny holiday gifts, chocolates, or coins. Your Danish Advent Pixie will be enjoyed and remembered for years to come. 100% cotton outer, with plush polyester fill. Height: 59"

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    Delightful Danish elves count down to the Big Day, all decked out with 24 numbered pockets and metal rings to store and hang tiny holiday gifts. 100% cotton outer, with plush polyester fill. Imported. Choose from Girl Elf or Boy Elf. Size: 59" H