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The Burl Collection has been expanded to three glaze colors and 5 different pieces. Made in small batch mutiples - each handbuilt piece is unique. The sizes are approximate and the glazes vary but they each highlight a woodgrain pattern and glossy glaze. The chocolate is the most intense of the colors with alot of variation and movement in the glaze on stoneware. Aqua is more subtle with some of the bare clay occasionally coming through and the woodgrain not as pronounced - also stoneware. And the oyster is the most refined in porcelain with an creamy glossy glaze and a delicate appeal. . Offered in three plate sizes (Platter, Plate and Soap Dish), a small, flat bowl and set of dipping bowls - the photos represent the overall look and color of the Burls but each one is as unique and attractive as you are.
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    Queen Anne`s Lace is the one flower we just couldn`t get enough of when making Plantlife plates - so we decided to make a collection focused on the lovely patterns this flower creates. Rolled into porcelain and hand formed into a platter, plate, soap dish and bowl the Queen Anne pieces are some of our favorites. Now in two glaze options -fresh seaglass/snow as well as warm chocolate/oyster. Each piece is unique with a different flower rolled into the clay - some are big and full frontal, some are stemmy and with side views. The photos here represent the Queen Anne design but yours will be unique. So if you don`t like being surprised, go ahead and email us to find out what is currently available.