Dainty Retro Mod

Like the perfect sweet treat, these classy heels are dainty and delicious! With a yummy cut-out design and a spoonful of hot fudge drizzled along the toe, they'll add a sugary rush to your favorite ensembles. The unique double buckles also unhook easily without the usual hassle of bending and folding. So whether you're heading out to dinner or dessert, you can look and feel carefree in these pretty heels.
  • 88 months ago ModCloth »

    A ModCloth favorite now in black. Classically beautiful for vintage-inspired glamour, this feminine lightweight wool blend coat will quickly become a fall staple. Fully lined and featuring a distinctive gathered collar, oversized wood buttons, and a single amber gem for an extra twinkle. Expect a Missed Connection (or two).

  • 96 months ago ModCloth »

    When you find yourself in times of trouble, do you ever recall past words of wisdom? If not, perhaps these elegantly beaded earrings can help! They're dainty and statement-making with a carefree vibe that says 'let it bead.' Each time you wear them, you'll be reminded to take a deep breath and simply let go of the things in life that are beyond your reach.