Being your town's top dog in fashion is no easy position to maintain. You put considerable thought into styling your garments, and you are quick to collect the most unique and impressive pieces the season has to offer. And if, in hopes of keeping up your chic reputation, you clicked into this coat's page, you're barking up the right tree! This amazingly unique coat from Danish designer Nümph is sure to knock your already admiring fashion fans flat off their feet. A wonderful pattern of beige dachshunds giving each other nose-kisses on a woven black background, along with a snap-fronted, zip-off hood, integrated front pockets, and pleat-tapered cuffs and hem, this fully lined, lightweight coat is too cool for words. Throw your wardrobe a bone by adding this whimsical piece of outerwear, and when you wear this fantastic coat over your cropped sweater, monochrome dress, knit tights, and wedged Oxfords, all onlookers will raise the 'woof' for your awesome look! This coat scores a 3 out of 5 on our Coat Warmth Scale.