Cute Ring

At the stroke of midnight, Cinderella will no longer be a princess! But fret not, for although you may not be Cinderella, you can live in your own little fariytale world! Don this whimsical fairytale carriage double ring, and you will be the belle of the
  • As you wave to an acquaintence, you realize you two have never formally met. You reach out your hand and say "nice to mustache--I mean meet you". Then you realize that you're wearing this mustache ring and totally messed up! You two chuckle and laugh and start to get to know each other! This fun little mustache ring is the perfect conversation starter! Wear this mustache ring when and be ready to make lots of new friends!

  • 79 months ago Zoodey »

    A beautiful ladybug ring featuring orange stone, gold plated brass wings, also includes cute eyes.