Couture Lab Diamond Stone

Skulls Diamond Ring Delfina Delettrez for CoutureLab Skulls Diamond Ring A creative passion for design is a part of Delfina Delettrez’ heritage. Her mother Silvia is a celebrated accessory designer of the Fendi family and Delfina’s father is the French jewelry designer Bernard Delettrez. Delfina’s signature style combines natural elements such as gold, silver, iron, copper, Tuscan marble with precious stones and gems. The skulls diamond ring is a perfect example of Delfina's distinctive ability as a jewelry designer and her fondness for combining different materials in unusual ways is demonstrated beautifully with this unique piece. A stunning composition of skulls made from black diamonds and silver. The centerpiece stone is the perfect finishing touch to this luxurious statement ring. Please note that due to the detailed production procedure required for one-of-a-kind pieces it can take between 20 - 30 days to complete this piece. £32,355 €34,620 (approx) $45,297 (approx)