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cf ... collection ... seating ... mutabor _ simple, elegant design solution for seating and storage problems.. with simple assembly, unique “one piece” collapsible chair can be used singly or in multiples to provide quick, comfortable seating.. upside-down MUTABOR is excellent, efficient storage space.. made in silk-screen printed corrugated cardboard.. environment friendly the MUTABOR chair is a perfect disposable furniture solution!. the chair’s construction does not require any supporting frame yet it provides a stable and comfortable seat. It can bear up to 100 kg of weight! mutabor design_ nauris kalinauskas 2003
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    gehry cardboard side chairs Designed by Frank Gehry. Contemporary designer furniture at affordable prices was what Frank O. Gehry wanted to create. Without doubt he succeeded in his aim. But over and above this he also proved what unlimited and unsuspected shape potential is in cardboard and created durable furniture sculptures. Approximately 50 layers of corrugated cardboard; finished with hardboard edges. 405.530.00 gehry easy edges side chair $850 405.531.00 gehry wiggle side chair

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    Cardboard Dining Chair - Modern, eco-friendly, solid

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    This modern chaise is constructed of approximately 100 layers of corrugated cardboard with hardboard end caps. The surface has a texture similar to suede that is very pleasing to the touch. The chaise is beautiful, extremely strong, and incredibly unique.