Biodegradable food serviceware offers significant labor and cost efficiencies because it can be commingled with food wastes earmarked for composting. Composting fees are substantially lower than landfill fees. With compost, we can enrich, restore and replenish our nation's topsoil lost through erosion and over-use, or contaminated through pollution. By collecting and composting all of the food wastes, we could turn our food garbage into a vital and necessary natural resource, humus. Our biodegradable cutlery is derived from non-hazardous, all-natural corn starch, and is completely compostable. They offer all the convenience of plastic disposables but, unlike conventional plastics, are earth friendly. Nat-Ur utensils is designed to be disposed of in a compost bin or pile, or thrown out with the green waste for municipality trash collection. Under normal composting conditions, our natural cutlery will biodegrade and compost in approximately 75-120 days. Natural ivory color.