Though the history of art is often written in terms of artists and artistic movements, the institution known as the art gallery has also exerted considerable influence on the artwork of recent centuries. To understand art history, we must also devote some attention to the impact of galleries and gallery owners.
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    CRAYON SKULL SCULPTURE by Herb Williams ITEM NUMBER 42211 $3,600.00 Most of us have outgrown our Crayolas by the time we hit puberty. Happily, Herb Williams never did. A sculptor who ingeniously uses crayons as his medium, Williams creates works that are not only strikingly beautiful but playfully allude to serious cultural icons—like Damien Hirst's controversial diamond-and-platinum encrusted cranium. There's also that unmistakably happy smell, of course, and a palette that can't help but pop. Signed by the artist on verso, dated and titled with edition numbers. Cleat mounted for flush wall hanging. Made of cut silver and multicolored crayons, wood and two-part epoxy resin. 16" x 10" x 4". Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

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    Los Cojones is a strong protester of the sheep mentality. We don't feel the need to fit in and look like the rest... we do it our way because we are not afraid to. We live as we choose and not how others tell us to. And if you have the same philosophy then you are going to love our brand and kill to wear our clothes.