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Tibetan Gao Necklace CoutureLab Jewelry Handcrafted necklace with black wooden beads and large Tibetan amulet pendant £2,835 €3,033 (approx) $3,969 (approx) The pendant featured on this necklace resembles a Tibetan Gao, or prayer box. Usually made of metal and worn as jewelry, the amulet traditionally contained a written prayer, blessed by a Buddhist priest. Curiously a Gao box has also been known to attract or strengthen love by placing a keepsake or love note inside and giving to a partner or potential beau. This pendant hangs from a large collection of black wooden beads, strung together and fastened at the back with a simple hook and eye clasp. The amulet features a coral centerpiece and two red strand tassels with wooden beads.