Coasters Wood

Everyone loves looking at a beautiful field of flowers. Now you can bring those flowers inside to help accessorize your tables with these pretty lavender coasters. This set of 4 wooden coasters will be a delightful addition to any surface in your home. The lavender design has been laser engraved into the surface of the wood coasters. The outline of these coasters has been laser cut into a perfect circle. The circular edges have been sanded, to maintain the beautiful colour of the wood used. The tops and bottoms have been lightly sanded by hand to create a smooth surface. A clear oil finish has been applied by hand to protect the surface. This is for a set of 4 coasters with the same lavender design on each coaster. Size: 3.75" diameter and 0.25" thick. Material choice: Maple(lightest), Cherry (medium), Walnut (darkest). These cute coasters can't wait to help you accessorize your home or be given as a gift. Please note, grain and tone may vary slightly due to the natural properties of wood, and the handmade quality of our work.