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& does em well. What an amazing collection &, finally, an inspired set of inspirations. No ONLY Leigh Bowery, no ONLY 80s [as per coutorture, thanx ya]. Fabulous, fabulous & grand.
  • I might be able to write a funnier description, but i cannot write a better one than coutorture's for this, one of John G's more amazing & one of his bestest collection in my memory: John Galliano loves taking inspiration from moments in history so rich with possibilities that they make standbys like "The 80's" seem positively lazy. This season, at Christian Dior, it was French designer Paul Poiret's Eastern-influenced designs that served as a starting point for Galliano. Where some designer's might stick to just "The East" in the broadest sense of the term, Galliano looked at The East through Poiret who looked at The East through Europe at the turn of the century.

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    Dior Jewelled Flower Hairband (04/07/2008) £1,245 Hairbands are the trend du jour, and when constructed of crystal flowers, like this one from Dior, it makes for a sophisticated yet playful look.

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