Childrens Gifts

Covered in pink Swarovski® crystals and adorned with a crown and tutu, this pig is perfect gift for the penny-pinching princess. 10"W x 8"D x 6.5"T. Imported.
  • 93 months ago Mypillowpets »

    These are the cutest, cuddliest creatures you'll ever see. Plush pets that open up into a pillow. Believe me, they're not just for kids. Great gift.

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    Store the kids’ picture books or classic toys on their walls, freeing precious real estate. No kids? Use them to hold favorite prints and photos or to organize office paraphernalia for a fresh, coordinated look. High-Gloss colors that pop off the wall and make an impression. Made of formaldehyde-free wood and low-VOC paint to protect big and little users.

  • 98 months ago Calliopeboutique »

    Changing a baby girl is not all glitz and glory. Changing a baby boy is an even bigger horror story…until now! Simply place the soft cloth cone over his wee-wee during diaper changes to avert a sprinkling. The perfectly adorable baby shower or birth day welcome gift! Available in cute illustrations for classic parents or edgy prints for cool moms & dads: plane, cars & trucks, fire dog, blue or green camo, red hat, surfer, wild west, circus zoo animals, rocker skulls.

  • 98 months ago Neiman Marcus »

    Your little tyke will feel the wind through her hair in this battery-operated replica of the real thing. Silver. Convertible. Spacious interior. Characteristic lights, anti-roll bar, and alloy wheels. Foot-pedal operated accelerator and brake; 2.48 mph. Gear shift for forward and reverse movement. 6-Volt battery. Average run time of one hour and 30 minutes. 15-hour recharge. Steel chassis. Approximately 44 1/2"L x 20 3/4"W x 14"D. Not intended for children 3 years of age or younger. Made in Italy.

  • 103 months ago Standardstyle »

    Great price on a super trendy onesie.

  • 104 months ago PB Teen »

    Rockin' Boyfriend Pillow >> View entire Smart Technology collection Smart Technology™ With two embedded speakers and a built-in control panel, this supersoft microsuede pillow is fully wired for sound. Just connect your iPod® and you're ready to rock. Tufted pillow also comes with a useful pocket and handle. 31 x 17 x 19" h. Available colors shown below.

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    Inspired by a recent root canal, Sweet Toofs is a collaborative project by Crystal and Michelle. They believe toofs should be associated with happy things, and not the horrid memories of dentists with bad breath. Toofs can be cute and have eyelashes too! This is just one of the many projects that is launching this year, so please stay tuned. For now, enjoy your Sweet Toofs! To join the flap flap flap email list, or to contact us with comments or questions, please email

  • 111 months ago Chiasso »

    Featherlight, lunch bag unzips into a nifty placemat. The handy grip of these playful, whimsical lunch sacks makes it a cinch for little hands to carry. Inner lining, wipes easy. Insulates up to four hours. Plastic.

  • 113 months ago Boystomengifts »

    Enjoy a memorable bonding experience with your child, and an opportunity for your little one to learn about nutrition as well as math skills such as measuring and sequencing. Each Playful Chef kit comes in it's own backpack and includes: 10 Kid Sized Tools,1 Tool belt Apron, Colour Coded Measurements, 6 Healthy Hands On Recipes, Safety and Nutrition Tips, 11 Illustrated Learning Lessons.

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    Getting a baby, toddler or pre schooler to eat can be a problem and that can be stressful for mom or dad. Not any more, this plane spoon makes mealtimes fun for you and your child. All you need to add is some plane noises and your imagination to keep your little one eating healthily. To clean, just take out the spoon and put it in the dishwasher. The wings just wipe clean. A great gift idea that will make mealtimes fun again, and a great way to get dad to do the feeding!

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    A million years in the making, this pair of prehistoric plate companions are just begging to join you at the table! They're soft, safe, and ergonomically designed to fit children's hands. DINNERSAURS are also clinically proven to make table time more fun. Just GRRRRRRab one and see! You get one Spoonosaurus and one Tricerafork in each beautiful plastic display box.

  • 113 months ago Toysrus »

    Every girl dreams of having her very own pony! With realistic animation, movement and sounds, this incredibly lifelike pony is a very special, once-in-a-lifetime friend. This adorable pony stands over three feet tall, and really "comes alive" as she moves and responds to your loving care! Touch or talk to your pony and her head moves! As you continue to interact with her, watch her ears wiggle and her eyes blink! Be sure to take extra-special care of your pony. "Feed" her the carrot and groom her with her brush. Watch her swish her tail back and forth! She even whinnies and snorts, and will sniff your hand! Sit on your pony for a pretend ride and she makes walking sounds! Bring home BUTTERSCOTCH pony and make your little girl's dreams come true! Manufacturer's Age: 4 years and up Our Recommended Age: 4 - 8 years

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    The Zero Blaster launches 2 to 6 inch diameter non-toxic fog rings that sail up to fourteen feet. Easy to use, they are great stress busters and with practice you'll be able to create bigger and better rings.

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    Designer Cookie Bouquets

  • 115 months ago Munkyking »

    Humpty Dumpty Munky King Style. The best.

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    A bike lock with a twist, literally. This colourful snake bike lock is flexible and tough, with a reinforced metal interior and durable cloth exterior with hand painted detail. The Snake Bike Lock is great way of providing security for your wheels with style. This innovative design will be popular with adults and children alike and will make a great gift.

  • 116 months ago Coolkidsfurniture »

    Puzzle pieces that form a big squishy ottoman. Perfect for the playroom.

  • 117 months ago Munkyking »

    COSMIC QUIGLY by Thomas Han. Red or Blue. Plush. Signed. Only 200 of each color produced. They are from an unkown galaxy far far away! They are all seeing, and very powerfull!! Don't let the smiles fool you.....they're smiling because they know something you don't....or perhaps they know something you don't want them to know!! Cosmic Quiglys fly around in clouds, taking magic poppers to control their power..."otherwise they would be able to destroy a planet with just a thought!" These creatures are definitely friendly.....if you are able to see them that means they like whenever you see one take one home and unlock the magic in the Cosmic Quiglys!!

  • 117 months ago Munkyking »

    SMILING MALFI by Friends With You. Plush. 10 inches tall.

  • 117 months ago Munkyking »

    EVIL ICE CREAM PLUSH by Lazysmith. Plush. 8 inches. Its evil! The first Evil Ice Cream on the block. Very cute Evil Ice Cream plushes from Kerry Horvath and Darth Rimmer! Look out for the rest of the series featuring Ice Clown, Creepsicles, Mean Bean, Zit Chip and Nicecream!

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    FwisReadymechReadymechs are free, flatpack toys for you to print and build. They are designed to fit on an 8.5"x11" page and printed with any printer. You’ll need double-sided tape, thick matte paper, and 10-15 minutes for build time.

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    Skate decks for the skater girl in your life!

  • 120 months ago Eeboo »

    I gave this to a friend's son! This US map is a large 35 x 25 USA wall map for children. Makes a great teacher, classroom gift too! Illustrator, Dan Yaccarino has created this geographic sensation just for eeBoo! A beautiful and easy to read map of the United States for children to marvel at and ponder... Over 150 illustrations of industry, landmarks, and wildlife. Laminated on two sides for extra sturdiness. Grommeted on four corners for hanging. Personalize this map with the sticker sheet included. i.e. ( sticker: I live here), ( my grandma lives here)... and so many more. Plus those you may personalize yourselves. Map measures a large 35" x 25." Winner of the Oppenheim Best Toy Gold Seal Award!

  • 122 months ago Munkyking »

    MINI CUSTOM GRAFFITI TRAINS by Sano. 2 inches long. Plastic. Custom painted on one or two sides. Have your own mini train bombed by seasoned graffiti artist Sano, who can throw up anything from your name, logo, or character in aerosol and airbrush. $40 for one-sided, $55 for both. Allow 1 week for delivery.

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    This sweet-faced delicate flower is just the size for cupping in little hands. Make her for your summertime seasonal table, just as the violets start peeking out of the ground. Or place her in a basket with our other small flowers (little daffodil, little holly, little snowdrop, Chinese lantern) as a May Day gift for your favorite gardener or as a sunny "get well" surprise. She would also make a charming place setting and favor for a baby shower. 2.75 inches. Easy to make.

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    Alder and maple wood. 8" w x 5" h x 6.5" d. Some assembly required. Other pieces pictured are sold separately. Germany. Ages 3+.

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    Circleback Studio suggests these garden wings for your Easter and Spring kids' celebrations. You can find them at Quiet Hours Toys. "These delightful garden wings are hand-decorated with trailing ribbons, tinkling bells, and silk flowers with a tiny sparkling butterfly tucked among the petals. We like them best with our Petal Tutu, but we know many a maid who simply strap these on over their day clothes and head for the nearest patch of sunshine. Flower varieties and colors vary. USA. Ages 3+." Circleback Studio

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    This soft, non-crumbly modeling dough has a wonderful texture and none of the harsh odor of the commercial varieties. One tub offers a generous helping of five colors (red, yellow, purple, green and blue) which will last an entire year if stored in the container. Non-toxic. Hint: If the dough starts to dry out, try adding a few drops of olive oil to soften it. 16 ounces. USA. Ages 3+. Visit our Circleback Studio Wiki - Perk-u-late for more Scrapbooking and Craft Ideas