Charcoal Jacket Hip Pockets

The subdued grace of this lightweight, charcoal colored, cloak-inspired jacket reminds us of the heroine and titular character in Charlotte Bronte's famous 1847 novel, Jane Eyre! Perfect for a late winter to early spring walk across the countryside, this lightweight, fully lined cloak features two hip pockets, elegant sleeves, and a double breasted placket of snap buttons. Whether you are heading to Lowood School, Thornfield Manor, the Rivers residence, or Ferndean, pair this coat with elbow length gloves, a fascinator, and a kisslock clutch, and you'll look every bit the "eyre" to elegant, vintage-inspired fashion!
  • 90 months ago ModCloth »

    You've just been asked by a broadcasting company to give your expert commentary on the state of today's fashion. What do you wear to make your mass-media debut in a style that's professional, practical, and pretty? How about making a studied statement by assembling an outfit around this confidence-building, charcoal tweed, lined jacket. After surveying the latest data, you'll determine that its cuffed, 3/4 length sleeves, shiny black buttons, and collar that can be fastened up into a funnel or left folded down offer contemporary, on-trend accents to its classic and stately cut. The hip pockets provide space for storing your compact so you can powder your nose just before showtime, and the belt can be tied to cinch in a form-flattering, TV appearance-ready shape. Associate this piece with a black pencil skirt, colored tights, and shiny spectator pumps, and people everywhere will trust your opinions.