Chalk Cloth

Inspire Creativity! You use our Chalk Oilcloth to make dinner time fun with drawable placemats, a roll up, portable drawing surface for long trips, or as a play mat that kids can get creative with. Our chalk oilcloth is made of a lightweight and erasable vinyl. It's great for teaching, childplay, drawing, signs, messages, construction, planning, and so much more. Once "cured" it can be sponged clean with water and reused just like a traditional wood backed chalkboard. Decorate the kids room with a custom made chalkboard. Teachers can use this vinyl to create uniquely shaped chalkboards for their classrooms. It is important to cure your new chalkcloth before you use it for the first time. This is done by laying a piece of chalk on it's side on the surface of the chalkcloth and rubbing it all over- side to side and top to bottom. Then repeat this process again. Your chalkcloth is now ready for use. Oilcloth is waterproof, stain resistant and easy to wipe clean. 54 in. wide Y81105