Ceramics Plates

  • 92 months ago Dezeen »

    London design store Mint has sent us images of a range of unique plates by Czech designer Maxim Velcovsky

  • 101 months ago Heathceramics »

    Edith's classic Coupe pattern was designed in 1948 and has been in constant production ever since. An example of modernism's honesty in materials, this timeless pattern stands out for its clean and simple lines.

  • Super smart (porcelain) Paper Plates so you can have the summer feel without the waste. "I shredded actual paper plates, which previously where used to mold the plates, and then combined the paper pulp with porcelain slip to create my own unique batch of environmentally sound paperclay. When paperclay is fired, some of the paper pulp burns away leaving a lightweight yet strong ceramic structure behind. This allows the porcelain-paperclay paper plates to be nearly as light as the actual paper plates. Also, to ensure everyday porcelain wear and tear, each of the plates are glazed on both sides."

  • 107 months ago Zindelceramics »

    Laura Zindel Ceramics are designed by Laura Zindel-Lauterbach and her husband Thorsten Zindel Lauterbach. The two live in Southern Vermont in a very old farmhouse. Laura has a BFA in Ceramics from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in Ceramics from the University of Massachusetts.

  • 109 months ago 2modern »

    There's something personal about Alex Marshall Studios' ceramics. Perhaps it's the unique variations in the glaze or the way the pieces fit perfectly in the hand. Maybe it's their minimal asymmetrical forms, but there exists an intimate comfort that accompanies their designs, making life a little more luxurious. Handmade in Northern California. Alex Marshall once again combines the artistic and the functional with this handmade 2pc nesting rectangle set. Use the set as a standalone centerpiece in any setting or for serving your favorite foods. All Alex Marshall platters are food safe, lead free, microwaveable, residential dishwasher safe and can be warmed up to 250 degrees in the oven.

  • 110 months ago Hidden Art Shop »

    Alexandra trained at what was then North Staffordshire Polytechnic in Ceramics, but postponed setting up as a potter straight away, and instead traveled around the world for a few years. It was while living in Bolivia that her interest in ceramics was rekindled, and so, upon her return to the UK, she decided to build on her experience of the industry by working with various established potters. Currently, Alexandra works from her own studio in East London and has exhibited at various trade shows. She also sells through a number of galleries, art and design boutiques across the country.

  • 115 months ago vinceandsabrina.com »

    Leaf plates are made from the imprint of an actual leaf. The type of leaf used is inscribed on the back of each piece. These plates are great for serving food, spoon rests, candle or soap holders, a place to put keys or jewelry, or virtually anything. Leaf plates are food, heat, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

  • 116 months ago Heathceramics »

    Heath Ceramics is one of the few remaining mid-century American potteries still in existence today. We have been making tableware and tile for over a half-century right here in our Sausalito, California factory. Our crew of 40 skilled artisans (many having been her for 20+ years) still makes every product on premises, often utilizing the methods and techniques developed by Edith throughout her career.

  • 117 months ago Stowecraft »

    Mcqueeney Pottery Walt and Cynthia Glass created McQueeney Pottery in 1972. Their studio is located on the shore of beautiful Lake McQueeney, Texas. They are both graduates of The University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio with degrees in art and teaching. Walt began working with clay in 1968 and Cynthia began shortly after their marriage. Three different sizes to create an entire place setting. Dinner Plate 11" diameter. Salad Plate 9" diameter. Desert Plate 6.75" diameter. Dinner-$31 Salad-$24 Dessert-$18.90

  • 118 months ago Dbohome »

    The Burl Collection has been expanded to three glaze colors and 5 different pieces. Made in small batch mutiples - each handbuilt piece is unique. The sizes are approximate and the glazes vary but they each highlight a woodgrain pattern and glossy glaze. The chocolate is the most intense of the colors with alot of variation and movement in the glaze on stoneware. Aqua is more subtle with some of the bare clay occasionally coming through and the woodgrain not as pronounced - also stoneware. And the oyster is the most refined in porcelain with an creamy glossy glaze and a delicate appeal. . Offered in three plate sizes (Platter, Plate and Soap Dish), a small, flat bowl and set of dipping bowls - the photos represent the overall look and color of the Burls but each one is as unique and attractive as you are.

  • Tord Boontje, the Netherlands-born designer of the moment, presents an exquisite collection of porcelain dinnerware from Germany's Authentics. The 15" charger/deco plate is the perfect piece for celebrations - serve cookies and other treats on magical imagery. Or, set a formal table using this plate as the under liner. Red shown, also available in Blue or White.

  • 119 months ago Ritzenhoffcollection »

    Long awaited and here at last – breakfast plates by Ritzenhoff. Complementing Ritzenhoff's successful porcelain collection with another product. But even better: the designs perfectly match the Amore Mio cups created by the same designers. And voila: Ritzenhoff's first set has arrived. There are many reasons for an Intermezzo: the start to a new day, the conclusion of an important business deal, the kids are asleep at last, brainstorming for a new project, the weather's too bad to go out, good friends are visiting, you're finally home, simply chilling out – there's always time for a break – and not only at breakfast. And so it's fitting that Ritzenhoff takes us away for a brief moment into a new world when we look at the plate, sets our minds wandering with Michal Shalev's motif, tells the story of the cat woman with Petra Peschkes' design or takes us to Monsieur Jacques in France with Auge's creation.

  • 120 months ago nadiasparham.co.uk »

    All my ceramics are UK sourced, recycled or hand built. Designs are digitally or screen-printed and hand applied by decal. Many designs can be made to order on a choice of different items and in some alternative colour ways and full dinner services or tea/coffee sets can be made to order.

  • These mugs celebrate the joy of driving in The Capital, so next time you're stuck in a jam just take a look around at the diversity of transport that's delaying your journey to work! There are 4 limited edition 25cl mug designs in white, red, blue and yellow and now a matching 21cm Chelsea Tractor toast plate.

  • Kensal Green Pretty much everyone who has lived in London has lived in one of these at some point. It could be almost any postcode, this just happens to be the one we lived in! The 27.5cm dinner plate and 25cl mug are available in a soft blue and cool concrete grey.

  • 121 months ago gallery36.co.uk »

    Veronica Gosling buys in whiteware in various shapes that she likes, then decorates them with underglaze.The special blue comes from Valauris in the South of France (where Picasso decorated his pottery). All pottery for sale, prices from £6 - £40. Everything is fired at a high enough temperature to be oven and dishwasher safe so all the plates, mugs, jugs and pots can be used and enjoyed everyday.

  • 122 months ago arabia.fi »

    Nero - novelty! The NERO parts work as well together as alone. The possibilities to combine the NERO dishes are endless; the sky is the limit! With the graphic black and white dishes you will get a noticeable setting. The assortment includes : black and white plate 25x25 cm black and white plate 20x20 cm dish 10x10 cm: red, turquoise, black and white black and white dishes 28x28 cm, dish 17x28cm and 14x17 cm