The new Leggera bathtub from Ceramica Flaminia is a design that will arouse curiosity in all who see it. Resembling a crisp white cloth held taut by four invisible hands, the Leggera stretches out invitingly… the vision of designer Gilda Borgnini. The lightness of the design, and the thin surfaces of the bathtub allows for a sense of freedom from the usual boundaries. The outside and inside of the bathtub are less marked, melting into one another with a sensation of airy relaxation. A stainless steel shower pole pierces through the porcelain effortlessly, as if it were indeed cloth. The tub’s shape and dimensions are ideal for reclining to your full length, undisturbed by the normal restrictions (even if you are very tall), and are likewise also perfect for containing any splashes from the shower. Soak and shower to your heart’s content in the new Leggera bathtub by Ceramica Flaminia.
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    Texture by Olympia Ceramica Ldesignconcept Studio Texture is the new collection by Olympia Ceramica designed by the Ldesignconcept Studio, inspired by the idea the sanitary ware shape and colour create a very strong environmental identity. Texture is, therefore, an extremely apt name for this project embodying in its eaning a unique opportunity to create a customised individual schemto create a customised individual scheme with a nuance of ceramic finishes for both classical and modern tastes utilising colour and geometric ceramic decoration. The uniqueness of the ability to create endless colour textures gives