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Fabien Baron reveals what's in Vogue Wednesday, November 30, 2005 Kate Moss in Chanel couture (NEW YORK) Kate Moss has proved why she’s worth a million bucks. In the special December issue of French Vogue, which hits newsstands in Europe later this week, the supermodel utilizes her guest-editing skills in a series of couture-centered stories that peg her as the “scandaleuse beauté,” or scandalous beauty. In a firsthand look at the issue, a Daily exclusive—of which four covers were created based on director Jean Cocteau’s 1946 French film, La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast)—the magazine’s creative director, Fabien Baron, offered a simple reason for choosing multiple covers instead of the traditional single. "We couldn’t make up our mind which one we liked the best,” he offered.