Cardigan Button Front White

No one knew the gamut of Boston restaurants better than my cousin Charlie. From fun diners to fine dinners, whenever he, my cousin Beth, and I went out, I knew I was in for a direly scrumptious meal. It wouldn't be fair to ask me which of the eminently excellent eateries we visited was my favorite, but it would be a lie if I said that our brunch at the Blue Room didn't stand out. It was the weekend after my twentieth birthday when Beth, Charlie, and I waltzed into the brightly lit Blue Room. We took our seats, ordered drinks, and sprang up to dive into the sprawling buffet brunch. And, oh what a brunch it was! From zesty octopus salad to fluffy buttermilk pancakes, and creamy avocado quesadillas to exquisite dark rum-orange cheesecake, my mouth is still watering at the thought of this meal! And so, it should be no wonder why I named this cutely cropped cardigan in this restaurant's honor. What? That doesn't sound logical? Oh fine, I don't really have a coherent reason. It's just that a brunch that heavenly deserves a namesake garment! This rich navy cardigan, with sprigs of plushly embroidered white flowers trellising along either side of its buttoned front, and with a cotton composition so silky that it feels like whispers against one's skin - its just as superbly lovely as that wonderful meal! I'm willing to bet that this cardigan is great for everything from nights out to days at the office, but the first place I'm taking it is to brunch. I'll slide it on over a belted, full-skirted frock, throw on a few silver bracelets, and hop out the door with an outfit as delicious as even the most immaculate 5-star meal! -Hannah, Fashion Writer